Cecilia Minden

Cecilia Minden, PhD, is a literacy consultant and the author of many books for children. She is the former director of the Language and Literacy program at Harvard Graduate School of Education in Cambridge,
Massachusetts. Cecilia lives with her family in North Carolina.


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How to Write a Report
How to Write About Your Adventure
How to Write an Ad
How to Write and Give a Speech
How to Write a News Article
How to Write a How-To
How to Write a Fairy Tale
How to Write a Review
How to Write a Mystery
How to Write a Thank-You Letter
How to Write a Play
How to Write an Interview
How to Write a Poem
Kids Can Recycle
Kids Can Reuse
Kids Can Use Less
Kids Can Clean up Trash
Kids Can Keep Air Clean
Kids Can Keep Water Clean
How to Write a Letter
How to Write a Book Report
How to Write an E-mail
How to Write a Journal
How to Write a Biography
How to Write an Essay
How to Write a Business Letter
Sit and Stand 1.2
Push and Pull 1.3
Giving Back
Living on a Budget
Saving for the Future
Smart Shopping
Starting Your Own Business
Up and Down 1.1
Hard and Soft 1.2
In and Out 1.1
Big and Small 1.0
Fast and Slow 1.0
Hot and Cold 1.2
Breakfast by the Numbers 5.4
Soccer 5.3
Basketball 5.0
Swimming 5.2
Understanding Taxes 5.8
What is Money? 5.5
Starting Your Own Business 5.4
Giving Back 5.3
Farm Animals: Ducks 2.5
Farm Animals: Chickens 2.9
Farm Animals: Cows 2.9
Farm Animals: Dogs 2.8
Baseball 4.9
Using Credit Wisely 5.6
Smart Shopping 5.5
Cooking by the Numbers 5.9
Dinner by the Numbers 5.9
Exercise by the Numbers 6.0
Gardening by the Numbers 5.9
Grocery Shopping by the Numbers 5.9
Lunch by the Numbers 6.1
Restaurants by the Numbers 6.4
Investing: Making Your Money Work for You 5.6
Living on a Budget 5.1
Payday! 4.9
Saving for the Future 4.8
Farm Animals: Goats 2.9
Farm Animals: Horses 2.7
Foals Grow up to Be Horses
Kits Grow up to Be Rabbits
Keep It Clean: Time to Wash Up
Keep It Clean: Achoo!
Keep It Clean: Germ Free
Keep It Clean: Get Well Soon
The World Around Us: Lakes
The World Around Us: Mountains
The World Around Us: Rivers
The World Around Us: Forests
Kittens Grow up to Be Cats
Puppies Grow up to Be Dogs
Shapes Everywhere
Farm Animals: Pigs 2.6
Farm Animals: Sheep 3.0
Save the Planet: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle 4.8
21st Century Basic Skills Library (26 titles) N/A
21st Century Basic Skills Library: Level 1 (12 titles) N/A
21st Century Basic Skills Library: Level 2 (8 titles) N/A
21st Century Basic Skills Library: Level 3 (6 titles) N/A
It Is about Time!
How Tall? How Wide?
What Does It Weigh?
Running 5.4
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