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Grade 3

Title   ATOS Format Qty
21st Century Basic Skills Library: Level 3 (46 titles) Fall 2017
Animal Opposites (8 titles)
Animals Grow Up (4 titles)
Better Together (8 titles) Fall 2016
Careers (16 titles)
Creepy Crawly Critters (8 titles)
Explore a Workplace (8 titles) Fall 2016
Extraordinary Engineering (8 titles) Spring 2017
Farm Animals (10 titles)
Feelings (8 titles) Fall 2016
Getting to Know Our Planet (8 titles)
How Did That Get to My House? (8 titles)
How Did That Get to My Table? (8 titles)
How Did They Build That? (12 titles)
How Do They Help? (22 titles) Fall 2017
How Do They Help? (14 titles) Fall 2016
How Do They Help? (6 titles)
How Do We Live Together? (8 titles)
How Does It Fly? (8 titles)
How-to Library (38 titles) Fall 2016
  • Soon! Fall 2017
  • New! Spring 2017
  • Recent Fall 2016

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