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Social Studies

Cover: Perspectives Library

Perspectives Library

A historical event does not look the same to everyone. It often depends on one's perspective. In the Perspectives Library series, readers will come to understand just that by learning the… More »

Cover: Real World Math: Personal Finance

Real World Math: Personal Finance

The focus of Real World Math: Personal Finance series is the intersection between personal financial literacy and age-appropriate math skills. This series helps build solid skills that… More »

Spring 2018 Cover: Smart Choices

Smart Choices

The Smart Choices series gives readers an age-appropriate look at the causes and consequences of choices they make every day at school, at home, and beyond. Each title includes activities… More »

Spring 2018 Cover: Social Emotional Library

Social Emotional Library

The Social Emotional Library series presents real life, historical and modern stories that celebrate important qualities and ideas like courage, diversity, friendship, and forgiveness. Books… More »

Cover: Social Studies Explorer

Social Studies Explorer

Have you ever wanted to explore the different states and countries around you? Get the inside scoop around the world, from their governments to the holidays they celebrate. Learn about… More »

Spring 2018 Cover: True Survival

True Survival

Could you survive being stranded at sea? What about a plane crash in the middle of the jungle? Each book in the True Survival series explores a shocking survival story. Books are written with… More »

Cover: What Do They Do?

What Do They Do?

The books in the Community Connections Library help kids understand the world around them. What Do They Do? gives young readers an idea of the role that people play in their community through… More »

Cover: What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?

What should you do at the pool to stay safe? How should you cross a busy street? What should you do if you are approached by a stranger? How should you safely play on the playground? Books in… More »

Cover: What's It Like to Live Here?

What's It Like to Live Here?

All around the world, people live in many different kinds of environments. From huge, densely packed cities to remote villages, readers will explore the places people call home. They will… More »

Spring 2017 Cover: Women Innovators

Women Innovators

The 21st Century Junior Library Women Innovators series examines the lives and important contributions of women to STEM fields, providing age-appropriate content, aligned to curriculum… More »


Education for the 21st Century

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