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BISAC Subject JNF003220

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals / Animal Welfare

Cover: American Alligator

American Alligator

Readers are introduced the habitat and lifestyle of the American Alligator and learn how the American Alligator is making a comeback from near extinction. Find out how people in the… More »

Cover: American Bison

American Bison

The American bison was hunted to near extinction in the 1800s as settlers moved west across what is now the United States. Readers will learn about this animal that is a symbol of the… More »

Cover: Battling Extinction

Battling Extinction

The ability to use the scientific method is key to carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks. In this book, readers in real-world situations are tasked with… More »

Cover: Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal

An elephant seal has a thick layer of blubber that keeps it from freezing in cold northern waters. This protective layer of blubber was prized by hunters who killed so many elephant seals… More »

Cover: Golden Lion Tamarin

Golden Lion Tamarin

The small golden lion tamarin is known for its brownish-red mane, long tail, and territorial nature. Readers will learn about these creatures and how destruction of their coastal forest… More »

Cover: Gray Bat

Gray Bat

Many people are afraid of bats, but like every other living thing they play in important role in nature. Readers will learn about cave dwelling gray bats, how they became endangered, and how… More »

Cover: Gray Whale

Gray Whale

Gray whales live in the Pacific Ocean and can grow to be 50 feet 15 meters) long. Readers will discover how whale hunters brought these huge mammals to near extinction and how people are… More »

Cover: Gray Wolf

Gray Wolf

At one time, the howling of gray wolves was a common sound throughout North America. Readers will learn more about these pack animals and what brought them to the edge of extinction. They… More »

Cover: Humane Society

Humane Society

How do nonprofits and charities work? What problems do they need to solve? In Humane Society, readers will discover the ways this organization contributes positively to the world. Sidebars… More »

Cover: Karner Blue Butterfly

Karner Blue Butterfly

With fascinating information and facts, alongside beautiful pictures, students will learn about the Karner Blue Butterfly, its status on the endangered species list, why it has become… More »


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