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BISAC Subject JNF003220

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals / Animal Welfare

Cover: Key Deer

Key Deer

The graceful, little key deer lives in the Florida Keys. Readers will learn more about these deer, how they became endangered, and what conservation groups are doing to help them make a comeback. More »

Cover: Mongolian Wild Horse

Mongolian Wild Horse

The Mongolian wild horse was once considered extinct in the wild and only a few existed in zoos. Find out how scientists working together have reintroduced Mongolian wild horses to their… More »

Cover: Mountain Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla

The mountain gorillas of Central Africa are a critically endangered species because of poaching, hunting, habitat loss, exposure to human diseases, and war. Readers will find out more about… More »

Cover: Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery offers animal titles that do much more than simply profile kid-popular wildlife. This series explores animals that were on the endangered species list, but are on the way… More »

Cover: Temple Grandin and Livestock Management

Temple Grandin and Livestock Management

The 21st Century Junior Library Women Innovators series highlights the contributions of women to STEM fields. Temple Grandin and Livestock Management examines the life of this important woman… More »

Cover: What Do Animals Do in Spring?

What Do Animals Do in Spring?

This Level 1 guided reader examines seasonal animal behaviors. Students will develop word recognition and reading skills while learning about how animals respond to spring changes, including… More »

Cover: Whooping Crane

Whooping Crane

The whooping crane is a unique bird found only in North America and known for its whooping call great height for a bird. Readers will learn about the whooping crane's fight for survival as… More »

Cover: World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund

How do nonprofits and charities work? What problems do they need to solve? In World Wildlife Fund, readers will discover the ways this organization contributes positively to the world… More »


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