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BISAC Subject JNF057020

JUVENILE NONFICTION / Transportation / Boats, Ships & Underwater Craft

Cover: Aircraft Carriers

Aircraft Carriers

The 21st Century Junior Library Extraordinary Engineering series explains how important feats of engineering are accomplished. Aircraft Carriers examines the engineering concepts that make… More »

Cover: Cargo Ships

Cargo Ships

We hear a lot about the new global economy. How does it work? How are we able to transport so many products around the world? How have innovations in the development of Cargo Ships fueled… More »

Cover: Choose a Career Adventure on a Cruise Ship

Choose a Career Adventure on a Cruise Ship

What do people do on cruise ships? Readers pick from eight different scenarios and experience "next best thing to being there yourself" opportunities for interactive career exploration… More »

Cover: Commercial Fisher

Commercial Fisher

Fish are a major source of food for people around the world Find out what it is like to work as a commercial fisher, from living and working on a boat to the hard work required to pull in… More »

Cover: Commercial Fisherman

Commercial Fisherman

Readers will learn what it takes to succeed as a commercial fisherman. The book also explains the necessary educational steps, useful character traits, potential hazards, and daily job tasks… More »

Cover: How Did They Build That? Lighthouse

How Did They Build That? Lighthouse

Find out how lighthouses work and how they have changed throughout history. More »

Cover: Passenger Ships

Passenger Ships

Rock climbing walls, swimming pools, mini golf courses, ice skating rinks are now available on passenger ships. How do they do it? Who comes up with the next new thing? What role does… More »

Cover: The Science of an Oil Spill

The Science of an Oil Spill

This book discusses the science behind oil spills and their effects. The chapters examine history's worst oil spills, explain how oil spills happen, and show how scientists are developing… More »

Cover: The Science of a Shipwreck

The Science of a Shipwreck

This book discusses the science behind shipwrecks. The chapters examine history's deadliest shipwrecks, explain how ships sink, and show how scientists and engineers are designing safer… More »

Cover: Viewpoints on the Sinking of the Titanic

Viewpoints on the Sinking of the Titanic

The events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic did not look the same to everyone involved--understanding depends on perspective. In the Viewpoints and Perspectives series, more advanced… More »


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