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Cover: He's Been a Monster All Day

A mother describes her son as the monster he has been all day. When he hears his mommy say that he decides to REALLY become a monster and begins his tirade (rumpus?). At this point, the illustrator depicts the young lad as a scaly green, wild haired, toothy monster as he begins to prove his mother’s observation rings true. He yells and yowls, plays in the mud, revs up his monster trucks and runs wild all night. He discovers it is not quite so fun to be a monster alone. Exhausted, he falls into bed and returns to the sweet, but sleeping, little boy that mother loves. This book begs to be read or compared to Sendak’s Max from Where the Wild Things Are. Read more about author Denise Brennan-Nelson in this interview on the Engage blog.

—Karen Hildebrand, Ohio Library and Reading Consultant

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