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The Simple Moms Reviews "Memoirs of a Hamster"

Cover: Memoirs of a Hamster

When you were a kid did you ever wonder what life was like from your pet’s point of view? The newest literary hit at our house from Sleeping Bear Press is just that, a hilarious accounting of 2 weeks in the life of one pet hamster.

In Memoirs of a Hamster, Seymour the hamster shares his perfect life. Seeds, wood shavings, yogurt drops, his own FuzzyBoy 360 exercise wheel.

Seymour is living the good life of hamster dreams until he listens to the family cat Pearl (did you know “Cats are big, fat liars“?) and goes off on an inadvertent adventure.

The author, Devin Scillian, did an excellent job of writing a storyline that is engaging to kids (and I’ll admit, adults as well). My 5-year-old daughter and I laughed together at Seymour’s reactions to kisses from Little Girl “Nasty. Hello? Ever hear of germs?” and “Barf!”

Even the best written kids books can fall flat without equally as engaging illustrations and thankfully Tim Bowers provides some awesome illustration for Memoirs of a Hamster. Each daily memoir entry has a perfectly coordinated illustration to keep kids engaged and entertained.

In fact the illustrations are so good that even this rodent aversive momma found Seymour to be pretty darn cute. Not cute enough get one of those furry friends of our own, but still, REALLY, really cute!

Another home run from Sleeping Bear Press that my girls are excited we get to keep as our very own for endless reading loops!


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