Cover: A Christmas Spider's Miracle

A Review of "A Christmas Spider’s Miracle" in Publishers Weekly

During the “bleakest of winters,” a gentle mother spider that resembles a wooden marionette tends to her children in a fir tree; indoors, a peasant mother mends clothing to earn money for her family. When the woman moves the tree inside for her children, she inadvertently saves the spider… View »

Cover: Megan's Year: An Irish Traveler's Story

A Review of "Megan's Year: An Irish Traveler's Story" in Publishers Weekly

In this addition to the Tales of the World series, 10-year-old Megan and her family spend the summers crisscrossing Ireland in their caravan. Megan loves never knowing what her family will discover next and meeting other Travelers along the way, though she sometimes feels that her life is… View »

Cover: Diary of an American Kid

A Review of "Diary of an American Kid" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Diary of An American Kid is a colorful journal that is ready to be filled with the imaginative thoughts of a grade school child. It is the perfect size to fit into a backpack so that the student can use it on the go. The book looks like a chapter book, but inside there are great treasures… View »

Cover: T is for Taj Mahal: An India Alphabet

A Review of "T is for Taj Mahal" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

T Is for Taj Mahal is an Indian alphabet book. It is written in a two-tiered format to make it interesting to both children and adults. There is a short, simple, rhyming paragraph for each letter of the alphabet, and then in the sidebar is a longer, more informative paragraph that gives… View »

Cover: A Pet for Miss Wright

A Review of "A Pet for Miss Wright" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

A Pet for Miss Wright is a delightful story for young children ages 6-10 years old about an author and her day-to-day struggle to produce good writing. It is wonderful and inspiring for children to think about real people writing books! The story goes on to tell how Miss Wright’s home is… View »

Cover: Little Baseball

A Review of "Little Baseball" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Baseball is such fun for all ages, and this board book brings some interesting aspects of the game easily within reach of even young children. Each page has a simple baseball related riddle; the answer appears on the next page. The illustrations are rich, creamy, and inviting. In our house… View »

Cover: Tugg and Teeny

A Review of "Tugg and Teeny" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Tugg and Teeny is a beginning reader for grades 2 through 3 and is the first book in the Tugg and Teeny series. This book is 40 pages long and is broken down into three chapters…
Tugg (a gorilla) and Teeny (a monkey) are very good friends. Teeny is very adventurous and likes to try new th View »

Cover: Jungle Surprises

A Review of "Tugg and Teeny Jungle Surprises" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Tugg and Teeny Jungle Surprises is one of three books in a brand-new beginning reader series written by renowned author J. Patrick Lewis. Award-winner Christopher Denise brings the jungle story to life with detailed and lively illustrations. New readers will quickly fall in love with best… View »

Cover: P is for Prairie Dog: A Prairie Alphabet

A Review of "P Is for Prairie Dog: A Prairie Alphabet" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

P Is for Prairie Dog is a beautifully illustrated volume that introduces prairie-related topics in poetry for younger readers. The book also provides in-depth educational information for older readers. This book is designed for 6 to 10-year-olds and retails for $16.95…
Did you know that b View »

Cover: B is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet

A Review of "B Is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

B Is for Blue Planet: An Earth Science Alphabet is a 40-page picture book that goes through the alphabet and describes various earth science topics. For each letter, there is a four-line rhyme along with a sidebar with a few paragraphs of information about the topic. Each letter is also… View »