Cover: I Spy with My Little Eye Baseball

A Review of "I Spy With My Little Eye Baseball" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

My children and I love search-and-find puzzle books. We enjoy sitting together and exploring the illustrations for hidden objects. I Spy With My Little Eye Baseball is a unique visual puzzle book. Instead of searching for hidden objects, the reader searches for differences between two… View »

Cover: F is for Friendship: A Quilt Alphabet

A Review of "F Is for Friendship" in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

F Is for Friendship is an alphabet book that is quite different from the typical alphabet book you will find on the shelves. Each page is written in two parts. For the younger child, there is a short, simple, rhyming paragraph that coordinates with the letter of the page, but there is also… View »

Cover: Podcasting 101

Library School Journal - Information Explorer

Gr 3-6 These titles, all written by media specialists, employ an interesting writing style accompanied by colorful and enticing graphics and photos. Each book includes step-by-step instructions, beginning with an explanation of the featured topic and including planning, implementing… View »

Cover: Save the Planet: Keeping Water Clean

Vegbooks - Save the Planet: Keeping Water Clean

Keeping Water Clean is clever combination of travel journal, adventure series and science. The book starts off challenging readers with a multi-pronged mission which boils down to: learn about the Earth’s… View »

Cover: The Boy and the Moon

Review of The Boy and the Moon

Carroll’s first picture-book effort uses a dreamy, softened palette and swirly, curved movement to convey the silvery magic of a moonlit evening. Collage effects—in the craggy surface of the moon and the siding of a house, for instance—lend dimensional texture. The overall mood is one of… View »

Cover: The Boy and the Moon

Review of The Boy and the Moon

Moonlit midnight revels nearly end in disaster until a small boy comes to the rescue. It’s midnight, and a boy with a teddy bear, a dog, a rabbit, an owl, a chicken, a toad and a flower gather in the backyard to dance and howl at the moon in joyous abandon. Somehow the moon gets stuck in an… View »

Cover: Animal Invaders

School Library Journal - Animal Invaders

Gr 4-6 Each volume begins with an exciting, true-life story of humans encountering these creatures in unexpected places. The books continue with too-brief sections describing life cycle, diet, natural habitat, and natural predators, and then focus on how each animal has moved to a new… View »

Cover: Save the Planet: Compost It

School Library Journal - Save the Planet

This series focuses on how children can become actively involved in protecting the environment. At the beginning of each book, readers are given a mission and advised to be alert to the facts provided so that they can successfully answer the questions at the end. Next comes a neatly… View »

Cover: How Do We Live Together? Coyotes

School Library Journa - How Do We Live Together?

Humans and animals frequently find themselves to be in uncomfortable proximity. These books encourage readers to understand their wild neighbors, to learn how the animals might be important to the environment, to think about their own relationship with them, and to seek out community… View »

Cover: How Did That Get to My House?

Each book in this series describes a particular commodity or service and explains how it makes its way into consumers’ homes. Introductory chapters provide simple explanations and background information on each subject, and later chapters describe how the commodities and services are… View »