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Power Up!

What are the benefits of alternative energy? What impact does energy have on globalization? Power Up! looks at energy sources that are needed to power our lives while teaching readers to focus on global awareness and critical thinking/problem solving skills.

Cover: Bio-fuels


We currently rely on nonrenewable sources, such as oil, for most of our fuel. Scientists are working on new fuels from crops and other materials to help ease future dependence on nonrenewable… More »

Cover: Coal


This title provides information on Coal as a source of energy. It highlights the positives and negatives of coal and discusses clean coal technology. More »

Cover: Electric Power Grid

Electric Power Grid

Many little-know facts about electric power - and the grid that controls much of it - are explained in this fascinating book. More »

Cover: Energy from Hydrogen

Energy from Hydrogen

The country's "addiction" to oil is described and alternative energy potential from hydrogen is discussed. More »

Cover: Energy from Wind, Sun, and Tides

Energy from Wind, Sun, and Tides

Recent advances in harnessing energy from the wind, sun, and tides are explored. People are encouraged to seek resources beyond fossil fuels. More »

Cover: From Waste to Energy

From Waste to Energy

This title provides information on one of most promising emerging sources of energy, waste. Provides a background on the opportunity and challenges associated with using waste to produce… More »

Cover: Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Long known as a potential power source, geothermal energy - heated water from within the Earth - is now being tapped. This book outlines those efforts and looks to the future. More »

Cover: Hydroelectric Energy

Hydroelectric Energy

For years, people have used water power to provide electricity. This study recaps that history and describes exciting new techniques. More »

Cover: Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy, with the potential to provide vast amounts of power, is a controversial topic. The science, history, and the controversy are explained here. More »

Cover: Searching for Oil

Searching for Oil

Oil is one of our most important natural resources. The searches for new sources - and options for alternative sources - are outlined here. More »

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Education for the 21st Century

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