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Fall 2017

Recent Releases

Fall 2017 Cover: D.I.Y. Make It Happen

D.I.Y. Make It Happen

D.I.Y. Make It Happen series guides students as they conceive and launch their own large scale project or event for their friends and community. The considerate text includes easy-to-follow… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Data Geek

Data Geek

The Data Geek series supports the new curriculum standards that focus on understanding, interpreting, and gathering data. Information in each book is designed to help readers explore all… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech

Emerging Tech takes a look at the world's most exciting tech breakthroughs of today. The series explores the newest contributions in diverse fields such as sports, entertainment, medicine… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Global Citizens: Environmentalism

Global Citizens: Environmentalism

Using the new C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards, this series explores the hot topics in modern environmentalism through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. As… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Guess What

Guess What

Young children are natural problem solvers and always looking for answers, especially when it involves interesting animals and insects-including endangered animals and pets. The Guess What… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: How Do They Help?

How Do They Help?

Explore the many ways these international groups help around the world. Volunteers and workers are providing disaster relief, urgent medical care, and immunizations. Other groups help give… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Magic, Myth, and Mystery

Magic, Myth, and Mystery

Books in the Magic, Myth, and Mystery series explore those spooky creatures that go bump in the night, fill our dreams (or nightmares!), and make us afraid of the dark. Written with a high… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Makers as Innovators

Makers as Innovators

Some of today's most incredible innovations are coming from the global community of makers. These thinkers, inventors, and hackers share information and technology to push new ideas forward… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Makers as Innovators Junior

Makers as Innovators Junior

The Makers as Innovators Junior series looks at the Makers movement for young readers and addresses topics from computer programing and 3D printing to starting your own Makerspace. Through… More »

Fall 2017 Cover: Perspectives Library

Perspectives Library

A notable event, be it historical or modern, does not look the same to everyone. It often depends on one's perspective. In the Perspectives Library series, readers will come to understand… More »


Education for the 21st Century

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