21st Century Skills Innovation Library

Set of 110 titles

21st Century Skills Innovation Library takes a look at people and their creative ideas. It explores how lasting contributions are made in diverse fields such as sports, entertainment, medicine, technology, and transportation. Students discover how acting on creative ideas can lead to new solutions to old problems.

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21st Century Skills Innovation Library (110 titles)
3D Modeling
3D Printing 5.8
Airplanes 6.1
Animation 6.1
Arduino 6.2
Artificial Intelligence 6.4
Artificial Limbs 5.8
Baseball 5.5
Basketball 5.6
Blogs 5.4
Building Squishy Circuits
Cargo Ships 5.8
Cars 6.2
Coding With Blockly
Coding With ScratchJr
Coding with LEGO WeDo
Coding with Sphero
Controlling an Ozobot
Creating with Cardboard
Dash and Dot
Design Thinking 5.8
Designing Board Games
Digital Badges 5.9
Disease Control 5.7
Drones 6.1
Emergency Care 5.9
FIRST Robotics 6.1
Football 5.8
From African Plant to Vaccine Preservation
From Bats to... Radar 7.3
From Birds to... Aircraft 6.1
From Butterfly Wings to Display Technology
From Cats' Eyes to... Reflectors 7.3
From Gecko Feet to Adhesive Tape 6.2
From Kingfishers to... Bullet Trains 7.0
From Locusts to... Automobile Anti-Collision Systems 7.0
From Sharks to... Swimsuits 7.3
From Termite Den to Office Building
From Thistle Burrs to... Velcro 5.9
From Woodpeckers to... Helmets 6.9
Game Design 5.1
Golf 6.0
Hacking Fashion: Denim
Hacking Fashion: Fleece 5.3
Hacking Fashion: T-Shirts 5.4
Hacking T-Shirts
Hearing 5.5
Looking Inside a 3D Printer
Maker Faire 6.0
Makerspaces 5.8
Makey Makey
Making Electric Jewelry
Making Paper Airplanes
Mindstorms: Level 1
Mindstorms: Level 2
Mindstorms: Level 3
Mindstorms: Level 4
Minecraft Beginner's Guide
Minecraft: Enchanting and Potion Brewing
Minecraft: Guide to Animals
Minecraft: Guide to Building
Minecraft: Guide to Combat
Minecraft: Mining and Farming
Minecraft: Redstone and Transportation
More Web Design with HTML5 5.8
Motorcycles 6.3
Movies 6.3
Music 6.8
Nanomedicine 6.5
Organizing a MakerFest
Paper Circuits
Passenger Ships 6.4
Personal Space Travel 5.9
Photography 6.4
Prototyping 6.5
Prototyping Your Inventions
Radio 6.2
Raspberry Pi 6.6
Robots 6.3
Scratch 5.7
Self-Driving Cars 6.1
Silk Screening 5.8
Skateboarding 6.5
Snowboarding 5.8
Soccer 5.7
Social Networks 5.5
Solar Energy Projects
Space Travel 6.2
Sports Broadcasting 7.0
Squishy Circuits
Starting a Makerspace
Surgery 7.2
Swimming 6.4
Taking Toys Apart
Television 6.2
The Making of Minecraft
Trains 6.7
Transplants 5.6
Trucks 6.6
Vaccines 6.8
Video Gaming 5.8
Virtual Reality 6.1
Vision 6.1
Wearable Electronics 5.8
Web Design with HTML5
e-Textiles 6.2
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Dewey 005.1-919.904
Lexile 520L-1150L
ATOS Reading Level 5.1-7.3
Guided Reading Level M-Y
Language English
Publisher Cherry Lake Publishing
Available Formats Reinforced book (9781534102057), Paperback (9781534102552), PDF (9781534102309), ePub (9781534104853), Hosted ebook (9781534102804), Kindle (9781534103351)
Copyright 2018
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Graphics Full-color photographs