21st Century Junior Library

Set of 222 titles

21st Century Junior Library begins with age-appropriate content, aligned to curriculum standards, and adds simple activities encouraging students to LOOK, THINK, MAKE A GUESS, ASK QUESTIONS, and CREATE. This combination of reading and inquiry helps students develop the skills and content mastery needed to succeed in the 21st Century. Books in this series include table of contents, glossary of key words, index, author biography, and sidebars.

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21st Century Junior Library (222 titles) New!
Working at a Hospital
Working at a Grocery Store
Working at a School
Working at a Park
Working at a Factory
Working at a Restaurant
Working at a Bank
Working on a Farm
What is a Plant? 2.7
Plants Need Sunlight
Trees 2.7
Flowers 2.7
Plants We Eat 2.7
Plants We Wear 3.2
Growing New Plants 3.1
Healing Plants 3.3
Farm Animals: Ducks 2.5
Farm Animals: Chickens 2.9
Farm Animals: Cows 2.9
Farm Animals: Dogs 2.8
Farm Animals: Goats 2.9
Farm Animals: Horses 2.7
Farm Animals: Pigs 2.6
Farm Animals: Sheep 3.0
Working at a Computer Store
Working at the Library
Working at the Airport
Working at the Post Office
Farm Animals: Turkey 2.9
Farm Animals: Llama 2.8
Working at the Zoo
Working at a Movie Theater
Working at a TV Station
Working at City Hall
Earth 3.4
Mars 3.2
Neptune 3.2
Uranus 3.3
Venus 3.1
Jupiter 3.1
Saturn 3.2
Mercury 3.7
Tyrannosaurus Rex 3.3
Ankylosaurus 3.1
Compsognathus 2.9
Apatosaurus 3.0
Iguanodon 3.1
Stegosaurus 3.2
Allosaurus 3.2
Velociraptor 3.2
Bullying 3.2
Caring 3.1
Citizenship 3.4
Fairness 3.4
Respect 3.4
Responsibility 3.3
Sportsmanship 3.0
Trustworthiness 3.1
Triceratops 2.9
Oviraptor 3.0
Maiasaura 3.3
Spinosaurus 3.2
Diplodocus 3.0
Ichthyosaur 3.1
Hammers 3.2
Screwdrivers 3.2
Drills 3.4
Levels 3.7
Tape Measures
Pliers 3.2
Wrenches 2.9
Flowers 3.1
Growing New Plants 2.8
Healing Plants 3.0
Plants Need Sunlight 3.2
Plants We Eat 2.8
Plants We Wear 2.8
Trees 2.9
What Is a Plant? 2.6
Eat a Balanced Diet! 3.7
Exercise! 4.0
Visit the Doctor! 3.7
Visit the Dentist! 3.8
Practice Good Hygiene! 3.7
Get a Good Night's Sleep! 3.5
Brachiosaurus 3.2
Coelophysis 2.9
Mammoth and Mastodon 3.3
Plateosaurus 2.9
Pterosaur 3.0
Saber-Toothed Cat 3.3
Grocery Store
Post Office
Computer Store
TV Station
Egrets and Hippos 3.4
Zebras and Ostriches 3.5
Bees and Flowers 3.2
Goby Fish and Pistol Shrimp 3.8
Clownfish and Sea Anemones 3.4
Honeyguide Birds and Ratels 3.1
Stick Insects and Ants 3.0
Sea Turtles and Yellow Tang Fish 3.2
Aircraft Carriers 3.6
Bridges 3.1
Dams 3.0
Roller Coasters 2.9
Skyscrapers 3.4
Stadiums 3.1
Tunnels 3.0
Water Parks 2.8
Ada Lovelace and Computer Algorithms 3.7
Mary Anderson and Windshield Wipers 3.9
Maria Beasley and Life Rafts 4.0
Patricia Bath and Laser Surgery 4.0
Sarah Mather and Underwater Telescopes 4.4
Gertrude B. Elion and Pharmacology 3.8
Stephanie Kwolek and Bulletproof Material 3.8
Yvonne Brill and Satellite Propulsion 4.2
Mexican Heritage 3.8
Chinese Heritage 4.0
Indian Heritage 3.9
Filipino Heritage 4.0
Dominican Heritage 4.0
Cuban Heritage 3.8
Vietnamese Heritage 3.7
Korean Heritage 3.7
Making Choices at School
Making Choices at Home
Making Choices with Friends
Making Choices in my Community
Making Choices on my Team
Making Choices for a Healthy Body
Saudi Arabian Heritage 4.1
Nepali Heritage 4.2
Afghan Heritage 4.3
Somali Heritage 4.5
Syrian Heritage 4.2
Venezuelan Heritage 4.2
Alice H. Parker and the Furnace
Jane C. Wright and Chemotherapy
Marie Van Brittan Brown and Home Security
Hedy Lamarr and Classified Communication
Margaret Knight and the Paper Bag
Temple Grandin and Livestock Management
Marion Donovan and the Disposable Diaper
Katharine Blodgett and Invisible Glass
Burrs to Velcro 3.5
Cat's Eyes to Reflectors 3.7
Birds to Aircraft 3.7
Kingfishers to Bullet Trains 3.9
Woodpeckers to Helmets 3.8
Cat Claws to Thumbtacks 3.6
Porcupine Quills to Needles 4.3
Lampreys to Robots 4.9
Silent Films to 3D Movies 4.2
Black and White Photographs to Instagram 4.3
Telephone to Smartphones 4.2
Pinball to Gaming Systems 4.2
Phonograph to Streaming Music 4.4
Computers to Tablets 4.3
Model T to Self-Driving Cars 3.9
Printing Press to 3D Printing 4.3
Crocodile or Alligator 3.9
Frog or Toad 3.6
Alpaca or Llama 3.8
Aardvark or Anteater 3.7
Seal or Sea Lion 3.7
Porpoise or Dolphin 3.9
Wasp or Bee 3.8
Butterfly or Moth 3.9
Stand Up to Bullying
Stand Up for Caring
Stand Up for Citizenship
Stand Up for Fairness
Stand Up for Trustworthiness
Stand Up for Respect
Stand Up for Responsibility
Stand Up for Sportsmanship
Monarch Butterfly Migration 4.0
Caribou Migration 3.6
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Migration 3.7
Arctic Tern Migration 3.9
Emperor Penguin Migration 3.9
Humpback Whale Migration 3.9
Great White Shark Migration 3.9
Wildebeest Migration 3.8
Coping with Changes New
Doing Your Part New
Staying Connected New
Learning at Home New
Celebrating Virtually New
Social Distancing New
Staying Healthy New
Finding the Helpers New
Murder Hornets Invade Honeybee Colonies New!
Nutrias Invade Marshes and Waterways New!
Burmese Pythons Invade the Everglades New!
Northern Snakeheads Invade Ponds and Watersheds New!
American Bullfrogs Invade Swamps and Ponds New!
Eastern Gray Squirrels Invade European Habitats New!
Rosy Wolf Snails Invade Pacific Islands New!
American Minks Invade the United Kingdom New!
Understanding Identity New!
Respecting Diversity New!
Seeking Justice New!
Taking Action New!
Social Justice All Around Us New!
Speaking Up for Ourselves and Others New!
Interest Level
Reading Level
Dewey 004-987
Lexile 400L-900L
ATOS Reading Level 2.5-4.9
Guided Reading Level K-S
Language English
Publisher Cherry Lake Publishing
Available Formats Reinforced book (9781534192799), Paperback (9781534192973), PDF (9781534193178), ePub (9781534195110), Hosted ebook (9781534193376), Kindle (9781534193574)
Copyright 2022
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 8.25 x 8.25
Graphics Full-color photographs