21st Century Skills Library

Set of 600 titles

Aligned to curriculum standards, this library focuses on key 21st Century Content: Global Awareness, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Civics Literacy, and Environmental Stewardship. Thought-provoking questions and hands-on activities encourage the development of critical life skills and social-emotional growth as students investigate relevant topics like personal finance, fitness, careers, and environmental issues.

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21st Century Skills Library (600 titles) New!
Beyond Government 6.3
Democracy at Work 6.0
Electing Leaders 7.2
Government at Work 6.5
Law and Order 6.1
Local Action 6.8
Rights and Values 6.1
Voting 6.5
Architects 6.1
Crime Scene Investigator 6.4
Cyber Cop 6.7
Forensic Science Investigator 6.4
Public Health Microbiologist 5.8
Robot Scientist 5.8
Sound Engineer 6.3
Volcanologist 5.2
Athletic Shoes 6.4
Bicycles 6.6
Cell Phones 6.6
Colas 6.3
Jeans 6.8
MP3 Players 7.2
Skateboards 6.4
Hiking 5.6
Mountain Biking 6.6
Rock Climbing 5.8
Skiing 6.2
Surfing 6.1
Andrew Carnegie 6.6
Bill and Melinda Gates 7.4
Bono 6.6
Ellen Ochoa 7.7
Larry Page and Sergey Brin 7.6
Madame C. J. Walker 8.1
Magic Johnson 6.4
Oprah Winfrey 7.4
Robert L. Johnson 7.8
Roberto Clemente 6.6
Tiger Woods 6.2
Yo-Yo Ma 7.5
Bio-fuels 5.9
Energy from Wind, Sun, and Tides 5.6
Geothermal Energy 6.2
Hydroelectric Energy 6.4
Energy from Hydrogen 5.1
Nuclear Energy 5.8
Searching for Oil 5.5
Electric Power Grid 5.6
American Alligator 5.0
American Bison 6.5
Elephant Seal 5.0
Golden Lion Tamarin 6.4
Gray Bat 4.5
Gray Whale 4.6
Gray Wolf 6.3
Karner Blue Butterfly 4.9
Key Deer 5.1
Mongolian Wild Horse 4.4
Mountain Gorilla 6.2
Whooping Crane 4.8
Africanized Honey Bee 5.4
Airplanes 6.4
American Mink 5.2
Asian Carp 6.0
Cane Toad 6.4
Education 6.6
Emerald Ash Borer 5.4
Gasoline 6.0
Genetically Modified Foods 6.6
Global Warming 7.2
Gray Squirrel 6.2
Immigration 7.0
Overpopulation 6.5
Pandemics 7.4
Pencils 5.6
Pollution 6.8
Poverty 6.6
Racism 7.8
Salt 6.1
Starling 4.9
Terrorism 6.9
Watershed Conservation 6.1
Women's Rights 5.9
Zebra Mussel 5.1
Brown Treesnake 5.6
Giant African Snail 5.4
Sea Lamprey 6.4
Walking Catfish 5.3
Computers 6.0
Toys 5.6
DVDs 6.2
Interactive Whiteboards 6.4
Alcohol 5.8
Anorexia 5.1
Bulimia 4.7
Drugs 5.1
Junk Food 4.7
Obesity 5.3
Smoking 5.5
Steroids 5.6
Teacher 5.8
Nurse 5.9
Wildlife Photographer 5.6
Veterinarian 5.9
Sports Medicine Doctor 6.0
Athletic Trainer 6.6
FBI Special Agent 6.4
Video Game Designer 5.9
Cars 7.2
Running 5.5
Skateboarding 7.4
Snowboarding 6.0
Nanotechnologist 5.6
Storm Chaser 5.8
Forensic Psychologist 7.1
Fire Investigator 6.4
Grizzly Bear 6.0
Florida Panther 5.9
Bald Eagle 5.6
California Condor 5.2
Bullfrog 5.2
Fire Ant 5.6
Wild Boar 5.9
Termite 5.9
Animals 4.4
Plants 4.4
Ecosystems 4.4
Protecting Ecosystems 4.9
Earth's Biomes 4.7
A Changing Earth 4.6
Rocks and Minerals 4.8
Soil 4.9
Matter 4.7
Electricity and Magnetism 4.6
Food Scientist 5.9
Marine Biologist 6.3
Virtual Reality Specialist 6.8
Astronaut 6.0
Interpreter 5.8
Movie Director 5.7
Environmentalist 6.1
Organic Farmer 5.6
GPS 5.8
Radar Guns 5.8
Coal 5.8
From Waste to Energy 5.5
Australian Spotted Jellyfish 5.5
Monitor Lizard 5.4
Python 5.6
Small Indian Mongoose 5.1
Counting Our People 5.8
Homeland Security 6.5
Carpenter 4.9
Electrician 5.0
Auto Technician 5.9
Dental Hygienist 6.4
Surgical Technologist 5.3
Air Traffic Controller 6.3
Heavy Equipment Operator 5.3
Multimedia Artist and Animator 4.9
Plumber 5.4
Chef 5.4
Green General Contractor 6.0
Commercial Fisher 5.3
Meteorologist 5.7
Actor 5.7
Dancer 6.1
Fashion Designer 6.0
Musician 5.5
Music Producer 6.3
Special Effects Technician 5.8
Scriptwriter 5.5
Choreographer 6.1
Volcanic Eruptions 6.2
Aircraft Pilot 6.5
Avionics Technician 7.0
Special Ops 7.1
Information Systems Technician 7.2
Drone Pilot 7.4
Helicopter Crew Chief 7.0
Motor Transport Operator 7.2
Pararescue Jumper 7.3
Hydrologist 6.4
Climate Scientist 6.8
Wind Turbine Service Technician 6.8
Geoscientist 6.2
Information Security Analyst 7.1
Remote Systems Control Engineer 6.6
Epidemiologist 7.3
Transportation Planner 7.2
Blue Sharks 5.1
Bull Sharks 5.1
Goblin Sharks 5.2
Great White Sharks 5.1
Hammerhead Sharks 4.9
Mako Sharks 4.4
Tiger Sharks 4.9
Whale Sharks 4.9
Bottlenose Dolphins 5.2
Rays 4.8
Jellyfish 4.9
Octopuses 5.3
Sea Turtles 5.1
Beluga Whales 5.4
Sea Horses 5.0
Penguins 5.1
The Science of a Bridge Collapse 5.8
The Science of a Hurricane
The Science of a Pandemic
The Science of a Plane Crash
The Science of a Shipwreck
The Science of a Volcanic Eruption
The Science of an Earthquake
The Science of an Oil Spill
Lionfish 4.6
Moray Eel
Sea Anemone
Sea Star
Anaconda 5.2
Chimpanzee 4.9
Hornbill 4.8
Harpy Eagle 4.8
Poison Dart Frog 4.4
Red-eyed Tree Frog 4.7
Reticulated Python 5.3
Spider Monkey 4.4
Medical Illustrator 7.1
Hazmat Removal Worker 6.5
Petroleum Engineer 6.7
Robotics Engineer 6.5
Smokejumper 6.0
Observatory Director 6.4
Urban Planner 6.9
Water/Wastewater Engineer 6.4
What We Get From Celtic Mythology 6.1
What We Get From Chinese Mythology 6.0
What We Get From Egyptian Mythology 5.6
What We Get From Greek Mythology 6.0
What We Get From Norse Mythology 5.8
What We Get From Roman Mythology 5.8
Architect 5.8
Athletic Trainer 5.9
Crime Scene Investigator 6.4
Cyber Cop 6.3
FBI Special Agent 6.5
Forensic Psychologist 6.5
Forensic Science Investigator 6.9
Nurse 5.8
Robot Scientist 5.7
Sound Engineer 6.5
Sports Medicine Doctor 5.9
Storm Chaser 5.7
Veterinarian 5.9
Video Game Designer 5.5
Volcanologist 5.8
Wildlife Photographer 5.6
The Science of a Carve Turn 5.9
The Science of a Cutback 6.5
The Science of a Fastball 5.8
The Science of a Flip Turn 5.6
The Science of a Slap Shot 5.7
The Science of a Spiral 6.0
The Science of a Sprint 5.7
The Science of a Triple Axel 6.0
The Science of a Flood 5.4
The Science of a Nuclear Plant Explosion 5.7
The Science of a Sinkhole 5.9
The Science of a Tornado 5.3
The Science of a Tsunami 5.7
The Science of an Avalanche 5.7
Asking Questions about Body Image in Advertising 6.2
Asking Questions about Food Advertising 6.1
Asking Questions about How Hollywood Movies Get Made 5.6
Asking Questions about How the News Is Created 6.2
Asking Questions about Political Campaigns 6.1
Asking Questions about Video Games 5.9
Asking Questions about Violence in Popular Culture 6.3
Asking Questions about What's on Television 6.0
Air Traffic Controller 6.0
Auto Technician 5.4
Carpenter 5.2
Chef 5.2
Commercial Fisherman 5.6
Electrician 5.0
Green General Contractor 5.7
Multimedia Artist and Animator 5.4
Democracy at Work
Electing Leaders
Taxes at Work
Homeland Security
Law and Order
Local Action
Citizens' Rights
Islam 6.6
Wildlife Conservation
Renewable Energy
Drilling and Fracking
Climate Change
Clean Water
Recycling and Waste
Land Trusts and National Parks
Data in Arguments
Understanding Data Visualizations
Creating Data Visualizations
Statistics and Data Comprehension
Big Data
Citizen Science
Ethical Data Use
Personal Data Management
Stories of Persistence 6.2
Stories of Friendship 6.0
Stories of Cooperation 6.6
Stories of Diversity 6.7
Stories of Courage 6.3
Stories of Honor 6.7
Stories of Sharing 6.2
Stories of Forgiveness 6.3
Snowboarding 6.0
Alpine Skiing 6.0
Nordic Skiing 6.0
Ice Hockey 6.1
Sliding 6.1
Curling 5.6
Speed Skating 6.2
Figure Skating 6.0
Body Image in the Media
The Movie Industry
Violence in Pop Culture
Politics and the Media
Fake News
Mainstream News
Streaming TV
Miracle on Ice
Jackie Robinson
Jesse Owens
Muhammad Ali
2013 Boston Marathon
Billie Jean King vs. Bobby Riggs
2001 New York Yankees
U.S. Women's National Soccer Team
Seed to Stove 5.8
Udder to Cheddar 5.4
Cow to Cone 5.6
Hive to Honey 5.7
Pasture to Market 5.4
Garden to Table 5.9
Social Networking
Community Websites
Image Sharing
Video Sharing
Sharing Economy
FIFA World Cup
NBA Finals
Cricket World Cup
Tennis Grand Slam
Rugby World Cup
Tour de France
Special Olympics
Understanding Alcohol
Understanding Eating Disorders
Understanding Screen Addiction
Understanding Drugs
Understanding Obesity
Understanding Suicide
Understanding Tobacco
Understanding Mental Health
Be a Plumber 6.0
Be an HVAC Technician 6.2
Be a Construction Equipment Operator 6.0
Be a Carpenter 5.8
Be a Mason 6.2
Be a Construction Manager 6.4
Be an Electrician 6.3
Be an Elevator Mechanic 6.3
Born in 1818: Frederick Douglass and Amelia Bloomer 6.2
Born in 1820: Harriet Tubman and Susan B. Anthony 6.3
Born in 1929: Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Jr. 6.7
Born in 1907: Rachel Carson and Frida Kahlo 6.0
Born in 1919: Fred Korematsu and Jackie Robinson 6.0
Born in 1930: Harvey Milk and Dolores Huerta 6.5
Born in 1947: Hillary Clinton and Temple Grandin 5.8
Born in 1954: Oprah Winfrey and Sonia Sotomayor 5.7
Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?"
Frederick Douglass's Fourth of July Speech
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Susan B. Anthony's Women's Right to Suffrage Speech
John F. Kennedy's Moon Shot
Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream"
George W. Bush's 9/11 Address to the Nation
Barack Obama's Inaugural Address
Influencers and Streaming
Professional Esports Leagues
Esports: Greatest Moments
History of Esports
Careers in Esports
Esports: Games and Genres
Esports: Game Design
Ethics and Legal Problems
The High Line
Madison Children's Museum
Rittenhouse SoundWorks
Seattle Gas Works Park
Newbern Library
Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep
Project Row Houses
Pingree Farms
Climate Change in Infographics
Agriculture in Infographics
Invasive Species in Infographics
Natural Disasters in Infographics
Pollution in Infographics
Clean Water in Infographics
Renewable Energy in Infographics
Industrialization in Infographics
Centralia Mine Disaster
Church Rock Uranium Mine Disaster
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Love Canal
Three Mile Island
Flint Water Crisis
What Is Anti-Racism?
What Is the Black Lives Matter Movement?
What Is White Privilege?
What Are My Rights?
How Can I Be an Ally?
What Does It Mean to Defund the Police?
Glass Blower 5.8
Woodworker 5.8
Potter 5.6
Blacksmith 5.8
Cheese Maker 5.7
Pastry Chef 6.0
Leatherworker 5.8
Florist 5.8
A Story to Taco Bout
Burgers: What's the Beef?
Hot Dogs: The Long Story
Flipping Out for Pancakes
Macaroni and Cheese: An Out-of-the-Box Story
Doughnuts: The Hole Story
The Slice on Pizza
The Scoop on Ice Cream
The Roaring 20s and Prohibition
The Great Depression
The War Years
Postwar America
Social Revolution and Civil Rights
The Rise of Environmentalism
The Reagan Era
The Birth of Modern Tech
Tulsa Race Riots and the Red Summer of 1919
Desegregation and Integration
Voting Rights
Jim Crow and Policing
Atrocities in Action
Do the Work! No Poverty 6.0
Do the Work! Zero Hunger 5.8
Do the Work! Good Health and Well-Being 6.0
Do the Work! Quality Education 5.9
Do the Work! Gender Equality 6.0
Do the Work! Clean Water and Sanitation 6.1
Historically Black Colleges and Universities 6.2
The Harlem Renaissance 6.9
6888th Battalion and Military Achievement 6.4
Excellence in STEM 6.3
Excellence in the Arts 6.2
From Black Wall Street to Allensworth 6.8
What is the Model Minority Myth? 4.6
What is the Forever Foreigner Stereotype? 4.8
What is Asian-Black Solidarity? 5.2
What is Yellow Peril? 4.8
Exploring Mars
Roving the Red Planet
Preparing for Mars
Journey to Mars
Space Discoveries
Earth vs. Mars
Do the Work! Affordable and Clean Energy
Do the Work! Decent Work and Economic Growth Meets Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Do the Work! Reduced Inequalities
Do the Work! Sustainable Cities and Communities Meets Responsible Consumption and Production
Do the Work! Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life On Land
Do the Work! Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions Meets Partnerships for the Goals
Angel Island Immigration Station 4.9
Japanese American Incarceration 5.4
Colonization of Hawai'i 5.2
Southeast Asian Refugee Resettlement in the U.S. 5.7
Excellence in STEM 5.1
Excellence in the Arts 5.3
Vibrant Neighborhoods 5.6
Political Power 6.0
Pros and Cons: Vaccine Mandates
Pros and Cons: Banned Books
Pros and Cons: Gentrification
Pros and Cons: Electoral College
Pros and Cons: Animal Testing
Pros and Cons: Social Media Censorship
Space Mysteries
Finding Life in the Universe
Area 51 and Other Top Secret Science
Sending Signals into Space
Extraterrestrial: Past, Present, and Future
Visitors from Outer Space
Supply Chains in Infographics
Supply and Demand in Infographics
Inflation in Infographics
Trade in Infographics
Scarcity in Infographics
Budgeting in Infographics
Incentives in Infographics
The Stock Market in Infographics
Do You Like Building Things?
Do You Like Cooking?
Do You Like Experimenting with STEM?
Do You Like Getting Creative?
Do You Like Keeping Up with Fashion?
Do You Like Playing Sports?
Do You Like Saving Planet Earth?
Do You Like Taking Care of Animals?
Save Pollinators New
Save Ocean Life New
Save Carnivores New
Save Amphibians New
Save Birds New
Save Native Plants New
What is the difference Between Latinx, Latino, and Hispanic? / ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre ser Latinx, Latino o Hispano? New
Can a Person Be Illegal? / ¿Puede una persona ser Ilegal? New
What Is a Dreamer? / ¿Qué es un Soñador? New
Hispanic Heritage / Herencia Hispana New
The United Farm Workers Movement / El movimiento de la Unión de Campesinos New
Excellence in the Arts / Excelencia en las Artes New
Christopher Columbus: The Making of a Myth New
Thanksgiving: The Making of a Myth New
Johnny Appleseed: The Making of a Myth New
John Henry: The Making of a Myth New
Paul Revere: The Making of a Myth New
Pocahontas: The Making of a Myth New
Rosa Parks: The Making of a Myth New
The "Wild" West: The Making of a Myth New
Boarding Schools New!
Gaining U.S. Citizenship New!
Indian Removal New!
Indigenous Peoples and Military Service New!
Longhouse Form of Government New!
The American Indian Movement New!
What Is Cultural Appropriation? New!
What Is Land Back? New!
How Agriculture Changed the World New!
How Digital Communications Changed the World New!
How Energy Changed the World New!
How Fast Fashion Changed the World New!
How Pets Changed the World New!
How Plastic Changed the World New!
What Auto Mechanics Need to Know New!
What Chefs Need to Know New!
What Construction Managers Need to Know New!
What Farmers Need to Know New!
What Firefighters Need to Know New!
What Nurse Practitioners Need to Know New!
What Pilots Need to Know New!
What Veterinarians Need to Know New!
Investigating Compounds and Mixtures New!
Investigating Ecosystems New!
Investigating Electricity New!
Investigating Erosion New!
Investigating Heat New!
Investigating Planet Earth New!
Investigating Plants New!
Investigating States of Matter New!
Deep Field New!
Heart of a Galaxy New!
Mysteries Revealed New!
Our Solar System New!
The Birthplace of Stars New!
Where Stars Go to Die New!
Interest Level
Reading Level
Dewey 523.2-996.9
Lexile 550L-1210L
ATOS Reading Level 4.4-8.1
Guided Reading Level O-Z+
Language English
Publisher Cherry Lake Publishing
Available Formats Reinforced book (9781668937082), Paperback (9781668938430), PDF (9781668940815), ePub (9781668939468), Hosted ebook (9781668943519), Kindle (9781668942161)
Copyright 2024
Number of Pages 32
Dimensions 7 x 9
Graphics Full-color photographs
Author/Illustrator biography
Glossary of key words
Table of contents
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