Animals--Grab and Go Educational Bundle activities

Updated on 16 July 2024

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Kindergarten - Grade 1


Young children never appear to tire when it comes to learning about animals, whether they are wild animals, in the zoo, or just pets. Lions & Cheetahs & Rhinos Oh My!, illustrated by African children, is full of facts sure to catch the interest of young children and encourages them throughout the book to draw animals. Cheetah Cubs focuses on the young life of cheetahs. Jane Goodall, and Veterinarian share about people who help animals. In the picture book, Mela and the Elephant, the animal theme continues with a fable from Taiwan about a young girl who gets lost in the jungle and the animals she meets while trying to find her way home. The activities in this bundle include researching and writing about a favorite animal, drawing an animal, comparing young animals to their parents, researching and writing about people who help animals, and sequencing story events and identifying story elements (setting, characters, main idea, etc.). Students are also encouraged to share their learning from the activities. Great for media specialists and teachers looking for standards-based activities to aid in the support of remote learning or for parents wanting to help or enhance their child’s education with content-rich books and activities!

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