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Cover: Born in 1919: Fred Korematsu and Jackie Robinson

Booklist Reviews - Fred Korematsu and Jackie Robinson

This volume introduces two individuals, born in 1919, who faced and fought against racial hostility and discrimination. In 1942, when more than 100,000 Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps, Fred Korematsu resisted. He fought the federal order in court and lost in 1944. In 1983… View »

Cover: Discover Apalachicola Bay

Booklist - Discover Apalachicola Bay

Off the northwest Florida coast, four islands form an estuary where fresh water from the Apalachicola River mixes with salt water from the Gulf of Mexico: Apalachicola Bay. The book describes the bay’s rich diversity of plants and animals, from seagrass beds to tupelo honey…
trees, from flou View »

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