About Us

Cherry Lake Publishing is committed to providing quality, relevant library and classroom resources that better prepare students for the future while exciting their imaginations on every page. We offer schools, libraries, and educators the tools they need to engage students in lasting and meaningful ways, help drive their achievement and performance, and better prepare them for life in the 21st Century.

21st Century Skills Library

Achievement. Preparedness. Life skills.

Life in the 21st century: there is precious little time today to adequately prepare kids for the demands they will face tomorrow. Every moment-and every resource-in your library needs to count.

Cherry Lake Publishing is pleased to offer a new series of books, 21st Century Skills Library, that help prepare kids for their future in this new century. Aligned to standards and the Partnership for 21st skills framework, these books are designed to help your library remain relevant in this era of accountability.

Twenty-first century learning is about the process of integrating and using knowledge, not just the acquisition of facts and procedures. Using innovative callouts, the 21st Century Skills Library challenges students to think beyond facts and focus on learning.

We understand that you want the best possible future for each and every child in your school. We invite you to investigate the unique strengths and opportunities that are offered in this exciting new resource. We think you will see the value right away.

And we think you will agree with our formula for success:

Your Passion. Our Tools.
Their Future.


"If we could only have one more day of the week, would that make us more conscious of the opportunities missed? This beautifully illustrated book [Someday: Is Not a Day of the Week] is a needed reminder of what we all know is important but, sadly, may sometimes forget."
—Lois Proctor , The Bookseller