Dana Meachen Rau

Dana Meachen Rau is the author of more than 200 books for children. She has written a variety of nonfiction titles on many subjects, including books on history, science, toys, and crafts, as well as biographies. When she is not working in her home office, she is outside walking or running in her sneakers around her neighborhood in Burlington, Connecticut.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Nigeria 4.6
Building Birdhouses
Think Like a Scientist at the Beach 3.8
Making Knot Projects
Creating Fairy Retreats
Crafting with Recyclables
Crafting with Duct Tape
Having Fun with Hair Feathering
Painting Rocks
Creating Winter Crafts
Bill and Melinda Gates 7.4
Making Jewelry
Creating Crafts from Nature
Electricity and Magnetism 4.6
Having Fun with Felting
Braiding Hair
Decorating Eggs
Building Sandcastles
Creating Thanksgiving Crafts
Building Snow Forts
Rocks and Minerals 4.8
Athletic Shoes 6.4
Think Like a Scientist on the Playground
Making a Paper Airplane and Other Paper Toys
Crafting with Recyclables: Even More Projects
Creating Party Favors
Folding Origami
Creating Halloween Crafts
Making Musical Instruments
Levers and Pulleys
Learning to Knit
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Vietnam 5.5
Crafting with Papier-Mâché
Learning to Crochet
Carving Pumpkins
Making Butterfly Gardens
Levers and Pulleys
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