Nancy Robinson Masters

Nancy Robinson Masters has been wearing jeans all of her life. Nancy grew up on a cotton farm in West Texas where she learned to drive a tractor before she learned to drive a car. She is an award-winning author of 18 books and hundreds of stories and articles. “That old tractor started me on journeys that have taken me around the world. Everywhere I’ve been, including Antarctica as a guest of the National Science foundation, I’ve met people wearing jeans!”


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Flowers Bloom 3.9
I Get the Hiccups 3.8
It Gets Foggy 3.6
Drone Pilot 7.4
Pararescue Jumper 7.3
Volcanic Eruptions 6.2
How Does It Fly? Hot Air Balloon 3.1
How Does It Fly? Propeller Plane 3.4
How Does It Fly? Glider 3.2
How Did They Build That? House
How Did They Build That? Water Park
Air Traffic Controller 6.3
Heavy Equipment Operator 5.3
How Did That Get to My House? Electricity 3.1
How Did That Get to My House? Natural Gas 3.4
How Did That Get to My House? Telephone 3.2
How Did That Get to My House? Water 3.1
Airplanes 6.1
Airplanes 6.4
Salt 6.1
Jeans 6.8
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