Ellen Labrecque

Ellen Labrecque is a freelance writer living in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Previously, she was a senior editor at Sports Illustrated Kids. Ellen loves to travel and then learn about new places and people she can write about in her books.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Snowboarding 6.0
Yvonne Brill and Satellite Propulsion 4.2
Auto Technician 5.4
Commercial Fisherman 5.6
The Science of a Slap Shot 5.7
Green General Contractor 5.7
Sliding 6.1
How Did That Get to My House? Music 2.7
Clean Water
Alpine Skiing 6.0
Electrician 5.0
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Pakistan 5.1
Basketball 5.6
Gertrude B. Elion and Pharmacology 3.8
Drilling and Fracking
Carpenter 5.2
The Science of a Triple Axel 6.0
Renewable Energy
Running 5.5
Ice Hockey 6.1
Recycling and Waste
Climate Change
Figure Skating 6.0
Ada Lovelace and Computer Algorithms 3.7
Land Trusts and National Parks
Maria Beasley and Life Rafts 4.0
Magic Johnson 6.4
Patricia Bath and Laser Surgery 4.0
Nordic Skiing 6.0
Chef 5.2
Mary Anderson and Windshield Wipers 3.9
Sarah Mather and Underwater Telescopes 4.4
Multimedia Artist and Animator 5.4
Wildlife Conservation
The Science of a Sprint 5.7
Air Traffic Controller 6.0
Curling 5.6
Stephanie Kwolek and Bulletproof Material 3.8
Speed Skating 6.2
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