Katie Marsico


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Empathy Fall 2019
The United Nations 4.7
What Is Money? 5.3
Peace Fall 2019
Chimpanzees 2.2
What's It Like to Live Here? Farm 3.1
Being Present Fall 2019
Islam 6.6
Working at the Post Office
Conjunctions 4.6
Speak Up! 2.1
Visit the Doctor! 3.7
Yoga Fall 2019
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: United States 5.9
Working at a Computer Store
Compassion Fall 2019
Get Your Exercise! Spring 2019
Simple Machines 1.7
Meditation Fall 2019
Your Healthy Plate: Protein
The Nature Conservancy 5.5
Choreographer 6.1
Pronouns 4.3
Play Fair! 2.3
It's Cool to Learn About the United States: Southeast 6.8
Use a Tissue! Spring 2019
United Way 5.1
Wash Your Hands! Spring 2019
Benjamin Banneker 1.7
Pliers 3.2
Cheetahs 2.0
Giraffes Have Long Necks 3.8
Using Credit Wisely 5.7
Look Out for Germs! Spring 2019
Racism 7.8
I Throw Up 4.3
Koala Bears 2.0
Connection Fall 2019
How Do We Live Together? Coyotes
How Do We Live Together? Turtles
Football 5.1
I Burp 4.0
Jaguars 2.1
What's It Like to Live Here? City 3.2
Working at a School
Robert Fulton 1.6
Sound Waves 1.6
Mountains 5.4
Humane Society 4.8
The Chesapeake Bay 6.4
Visit the Dentist! 3.8
Interjections 3.9
Be on Time! 2.2
Doctors Without Borders 4.7
Puget Sound 6.2
The Gulf of Mexico 6.4
What We Get From Chinese Mythology 6.0
What's It Like to Live Here? Small Town 3.3
The World Health Organization 4.8
Get a Good Night's Sleep! 3.5
Your Healthy Plate: Grains
Rotary Clubs 5.3
Your Healthy Plate: Fruits
The Rio Grande 6.1
Working on a Farm
Farm Animals: Turkey 2.9
Dancer 6.1
Working at a Bank
The Red Cross 4.3
Irma Rangel 1.8
Chameleons Change Color 4.6
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Russia 5.7
Scientific Instruments 1.9
I Get Hungry 4.2
Working at a Grocery Store
How Do We Live Together? Hawks
Farm Animals: Llama 2.8
The Colorado River 6.1
Taking Turns! 2.0
Your Healthy Plate: Vegetables
The Salvation Army 4.4
Levels 3.7
What's It Like to Live Here? Suburb 3.5
Brush Your Teeth! Spring 2019
Earth's Path 1.6
Running 5.4
Working at the Airport
Please and Thank You! 2.1
The Everglades 6.3
Exercise! 4.0
George Washington Carver 1.8
Elephants Have Trunks 4.0
What's It Like to Live Here? Fishing Village 3.3
Spiders Weave Webs 4.4
Lewis Howard Latimer 1.8
I Can't Eat Peanuts 4.6
Eat Healthy Foods! Spring 2019
Put Your Stuff Away! 2.3
Charles Drew 1.8
Eat a Balanced Diet! 3.7
Tennis 5.2
Floss Your Teeth! Spring 2019
Working at a Park
Plan Ahead! 2.4
Prepositions 4.3
I Cry 3.8
Auto Technician 5.9
Scorpion 4.0
Use Your Indoor Voice! 2.2
Tape Measures
I Get Sunburned 4.2
World Wildlife Fund 5.1
Speed Skating 4.9
Hippopotamuses 2.1
What's It Like to Live Here? Mining Town 3.3
Openness Fall 2019
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Egypt 5.8
Madame C. J. Walker 8.1
The Missouri River 6.2
The Mississippi River 6.3
YMCA 4.9
Sleep Well! Spring 2019
What We Get From Celtic Mythology 6.1
Working at a Restaurant
Honey Bee 3.9
How Do We Live Together? Rabbits
Trains 6.7
Practice Good Hygiene! 3.7
Your Healthy Plate: Oils and Fats
Working at a Factory
Investing 5.7
Greenpeace Fund 5.4
Working at the Library
Your Healthy Plate: Dairy
Oxfam International 5.2
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