Susan H. Gray

Susan H. Gray has a master’s degree in zoology. She has written more than 70 science and reference books for children and especially loves writing about animals. Gray also likes to garden and play the piano. She lives in Cabot, Arkansas, with her husband, Michael, and many pets.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Emerald Ash Borer 5.4
Junior Scientists: Experiment with Plants
Hearing 5.5
Emergency Care 5.9
Bald Eagle 5.6
Jellyfish 4.9
Camels Have Humps 3.4
Disease Control 5.7
Giant African Snail 5.4
Vision 6.1
Bears Hibernate 2.7
Forensic Psychologist 6.5
Karner Blue Butterfly 4.9
Skunks Smell Bad 3.2
Snakes Shed Their Skin 3.2
Walking Catfish 5.3
Junior Scientists: Experiment with Seeds
Elephant Seal 5.0
Storm Chaser 5.7
Junior Scientists: Experiment with Bugs
Gray Whale 4.6
Harpy Eagle 4.8
Dolphins Breathe Air 3.1
Bullfrog 5.2
Mako Sharks 4.4
Spider Monkey 4.4
Termite 5.9
Rays 4.8
Penguins Can't Fly 3.2
Hornbill 4.8
Whooping Crane 4.8
Ant 2.5
Artificial Limbs 5.8
Key Deer 5.1
American Mink 5.2
Starling 4.9
Zebra Mussel 5.1
Discover Rays 2.1
American Alligator 5.0
California Condor 5.2
Lionfish 4.6
Australian Spotted Jellyfish 5.5
Zebras Have Stripes 3.3
Bats Sleep Upside Down 3.2
Sea Star
Gray Bat 4.5
Transplants 5.6
Discover Jellyfish 2.2
Grasshopper 2.7
Mongolian Wild Horse 4.4
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