Tamra B. Orr

Tamra Orr is a full-time writer and author living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. She loves her job because she learns more about the world every single day and then turns that information into pop quizzes for her patient and tolerant children (ages 16, 13, and 10). She has written more than 80 nonfiction books for people of all ages, so she never runs out of material and is sure she’d be a champion on Jeopardy!


Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Science of a Flip Turn 5.6
Geothermal Energy 6.2
Unearthing Fossils
Invention of Facebook and Internet Privacy
The Science of a Fastball 5.8
Poison Dart Frog 4.4
Polar Vortex and Climate Change 5.2
It's Cool to Learn About the United States: Southwest 6.4
How Did They Build That? Lighthouse 3.2
Red-eyed Tree Frog 4.7
Studying Sinkholes 5.2
We Have Hurricanes 3.9
Columbia Space Shuttle Explosion and Space Exploration
Tucson Shooting and Gun Control
Crime Scene Investigator 6.4
Working at the Zoo
It's Cool to Learn About the United States: Midwest 6.2
Reticulated Python 5.3
Junior Scientists: Experiment with Weather
Counting Our People 5.8
September 11 and Terrorism in America
Organic Farmer 5.6
Battling Extinction 4.9
Interpreter 5.8
It Snows 3.3
Forensic Science Investigator 6.4
Environmentalist 6.1
Understanding Sound 4.9
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Bangladesh 5.5
Searching the Sky
Forecasting a Flood
Pondering Pollution
BP Oil Spill and Energy Policy
Growing Nutritious Food 5.1
Understanding Insects
Forensic Science Investigator 6.9
The Wind Blows 3.9
Walking Stick 3.6
Joy 1.1
I See Falling Stars 3.4
How Did They Build That? Zoo
Government at Work 6.5
Hurricane Katrina and America's Response
Tracking an Epidemic 5.2
Obama vs. McCain and the Historic Election
Public Health Microbiologist 5.8
Hydroelectric Energy 6.4
Electing Leaders 7.2
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Indonesia 5.0
Investigating a Crime Scene
Praying Mantis 3.2
Crime Scene Investigator 6.4
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