Kathleen Petelinsek


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Learning to Crochet
Crafting with Recyclables: Even More Projects
Making Knot Projects
Making Musical Instruments
Crafting with Papier-Mâché
Creating Crafts from Nature
Creating Party Favors
Having Fun with Felting
Having Fun with Hair Feathering
Learning to Make Books
Crafting with Duct Tape: Even More Projects
Choose It! Finding the Right Research Topic 4.4
Watch It! Researching with Videos 4.7
Speak Up! Giving an Oral Presentation 4.8
Review It! Helping Peers Create Their Best Work 4.1
Making Clay Bead Crafts
Crafting with Washi Tape
Crafting with Tissue Paper
Learning to Sew
Making Jewelry with Rubber Bands
Making Sock Puppets
Modeling Clay Creations
Creating Pipe Cleaner Crafts
Measuring Length 3.2
Measuring Temperature 3.2
Measuring Time with a Calendar 3.2
Measuring Time with a Clock 2.9
Measuring Volume 3.4
Measuring Weight 3.4
Understanding and Creating Infographics 5.8
How to Handle Cyberbullies 5.2
Creating Digital Brochures 5.8
Using Digital Maps 5.6
Being Respectful Online 3.8
Learning and Sharing with a Wiki 4.9
Starting Your Own Blog 4.2
Reading and Learning from Informational Text 4.4
Folding Origami
Crafting with Recyclables
Crafting with Duct Tape
Creating Thanksgiving Crafts
Creating Halloween Crafts
Creating Winter Crafts
Nouns 3.4
Pronouns 4.3
Verbs 3.3
Adjectives 3.7
Conjunctions 4.6
Prepositions 4.3
Adverbs 3.9
Interjections 3.9
How to Write a Lab Report 4.6
How to Write a Fractured Fairy Tale
How to Write a Comic Book 4.5
How to Write a Memoir 4.4
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