Bruno Robert

Bruno says, "From an early age, I have had in mind to draw and play with colours, so much so that I naturally went to the National School of Fine Arts in Caen which I attended from 1991 to 1995 (option visual communication). Right after a short stay in the multimedia market, I illustrated my first album for the young “Who is sticking out the tongue?” published by Magnard Edition in 2002, some more followed. Moreover, I work for the young children press, Milan Press, Fleurus Press. I also work for publishing agencies and administrations. I live and work in Normandy where I was born. While I am picturing a story, I please myself thinking up a funny and coloured world with a hint of tenderness."

Bruno’s clients include A Cappella for Fleurus Edition, Ricochet Edition, Element Edition, Child’s Play, Magnard Edition, Gulf Stream Edition, Cartes d’Art Edition, Milan Press, Le Senevé Edition, Montessori Korea Edition, Hemma Edition, Fleurus Press, Lipokili Edition, Petit à Petit Edition, Larivière Jeunesse Edition

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Normandy, France