The Seattle Book Review 5 Star Review: A Teacher Like You

A Teacher Like You, Written by Frank Murphy and Barbara Dan, Illustrated by Kayla Harren

The world needs teachers. This book is about all the many teachers’ kids have in their lives. It is an ode to parents, teachers, and all those mentors who help shape us to be who we are.

The plot is more about reminding us of all the ways those mentors help kids become who they are. It’s beautiful and shows the importance of all the teachers in kids’ lives. The illustrator knocked it out of the park! These are gorgeous! Multicultural and fantastic representation of people!

Here are my thoughts from a teacher and parent perspective. This book spoke to my heart because I have been a schoolteacher, bible class teacher and now I’m a parent and homeschool teacher. This just felt like a big hug reminding me that whether in the classroom or at home what I do is important. I think it’s a great message for kids too.

My four-year-old loved the beautiful pictures that the kids painted in the book. She also liked the repeating words I need a teacher like you. She loved her Pre-K teacher this year. Age Recommendation: Three to one-hundred years old.

— Megan Walvoord

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