School Library Journal Starred Review: Sandy Feet! Whose Feet?

Sandy Feet! Whose Feet?, Written by Susan Wood & Illustrated by Steliyana Doneva

In this title, a family enjoys a fun day at a sandy beach. They enjoy activities such as playing with the dog, frolicking in the sand, and observing the creatures that inhabit the area. Additionally, this book explores the various footprints of different creatures. The footprints observed include those of crabs, sandpipers, and turtles. The text appears to follow the pattern of the beach as it twists and curves alongside layered sand and moving water. This unique aspect gives the book a natural feel. Throughout the narrative, there is a constant repetition of the word “feet” that is reflective of the overall soothing rhyming pattern. Both of these features help to harmonize the narrative. Each mention of feet is accompanied by different movements of beach creatures, which can serve as a tool to help kids become familiar with how different animals move. These movements can also be matched with illustrations of each animal’s respective footprint patterns. The perspective of the book also changes throughout and contains close-up, distant, and aerial views of the family as they play. This element of the book creates a sense of constant movement which effectively mimics the fast and excited pace of the book’s characters. VERDICT An engaging read which encourages children to explore the natural world around them, and to fully utilize and embrace their senses.

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