Manhattan Book Review 5 Star Review: Sing Some More!

Sing Some More!, Written by Deborah Diesen & Illustrated by Howard Gray

What do birds do all day long? Sing and Sing Some More! A group of birds tell about why they sing the songs and then repeat the phrase, “We sing some more!” They also use a variety of singing terminology which is great at expanding kids’ vocabularies. Excellently written. The repetitive phrase is so much fun for kids to repeat over and over. My kids were fighting over who gets to say, “We Sing Some More.” Because they think it is so much fun. I can go on for days at how beautiful the illustrations are. The birds are beautiful and realistic. The people are well done as well, but I think the illustrator shines the most in their drawings and paintings of animals. This is a fun information book. There really is not any conflict.

My kids, three and six enjoyed this book so much. They asked to read it over and over again. I think from the text to the illustrations it is worth adding to your collection. This will be a book I will treasure. I recommend it for children three to eight years old.

—Megan Walvoord

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