San Francisco Book Review 5 Star Review: H is for Honey Bee

H is for Honey Bee, Written by Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuyzen & Illustrated by Eileen Ryan Ewen

Discover the fantastic world of the honeybee through your ABC’s. It all starts with the Apis Mellifera, the honeybee, and delves into their world of nectar, royal jelly, venom, and wax. But let’s look even deeper into the most crucial insect on earth and learn how these insects communicate, pollinate, and thrive.

Get ready to take flight into the fantastic world of bees in, H is for Honey Bee: A Beekeeping Alphabet. In this science and nature alphabet book, Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuyzen takes readers deep into the fascinating world of bees. However, this isn’t a simple storybook; this is an encyclopedia of bee education. Taking readers through the correct terms and facts, while also educating her readers on how to help protect this species threatened by climate change, habitat loss, and pesticides. With the wonderfully detailed illustrations by Eileen Ryan Ewen, every page of this book shows all the wonderful and miraculous benefits of bees. A perfect addition to any classroom library, or gift for any beginning beekeeper.

—Amy Shane

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