San Francisco Book Review 5 Star Review: Bobby Babinski's Bathtub

Bobby Babinski’s Bathtub, Written by Judy Young & Illustrated by Kevin M. Barry

It’s bath time in the Babinski house, but Bobby does NOT want to take a bath. His father asks what the problem is, and Bobby says he just hates to climb into the tub. Well, Dad has an answer for that. He gets busy and builds an amazing slide so Bobby can slide into the tub. That goes pretty well, but as soon as he is in the tub, Bobby is really unhappy. When Dad asks what’s wrong, Bobby says he doesn’t have anything to play with. Dad has an answer for that as well. He brings a huge pail in, and readers won’t believe what he has for Bobby. But, of course, it brings even more complaining and more reasons not to finish his bath…

Author Judy Young has written a perfectly charming story in clever rhyme with a rocking meter. Young readers will be completely engaged by this silly rhymer. The bright and witty illustrations by Kevin M. Barry are the perfect complement to the story. Loaded with imaginative details, the illustrations will keep your little one’s eyes on the pages while they listen. This is a book that kids will ask for over and over.

—Rosi Hollinbeck

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