The San Francisco Book Review 5 Star Review: Lions & Cheetahs & Rhinos OH MY!: Animal Artwork by Children in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lions & Cheetahs & Rhinos Oh My!: Animal Artwork by Children in Sub-Saharan Africa, Written by John Platt and Moira Rose Donohue

Lions & Cheetahs & Rhinos Oh My!: Animal Artwork by Children in Sub-Saharan Africa is filled with a plethora of interesting facts about animals who inhabit the vast plains of Sub-Saharan Africa. Children will learn about the distinctive and identifying markings of cheetahs, zebras, and giraffes. They’ll also be educated about how amazingly how tall giraffes stand, reaching the height of three basketball players standing on top of each other. Youth will be taught about family lineages as well concerning impalas and hippos. As they read, they’ll be able to see original artwork created by students in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their pictures cover every page of the text, accentuating the words that accompany them.

This is a gorgeously illustrated work of non-fiction. The students’ pictures are exquisitely crafted and add a rich quality to the text. There is a note to readers at the end of the book that delineates the authors’ outreach to marginalized youth in Africa through their How to Draw a Lion Program. The proceeds of the book will be donated to help fund the program, which is likely to grip the heartstrings of some readers. When they discover the children whose artwork is featured in it are all relatively young, they will be touched and awed by their talent. Additionally, teachers of science, social studies, and language arts will find this a valuable resource for their classrooms.

—Jennifer Padgett

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