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Grade 8

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Auto Technician

Part of the Career and Tech Education series, this book explains many aspects of the job of a Auto Technologist, including training and skills needed. More →

Bald Eagle

The bald eagle is known to people around the world as a symbol of the United States. In the early 1800s, as many as 100,000 bald eagles lived in the United States. By the 1960s, the familiar… More →

Language Arts · Social Studies


Baldur in the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient World series explores the fascinating drama, love stories, and destruction in the myths surrounding the god of light. Book includes history,… More →

Arts, Crafts, & Activities · Language Arts


Band guides students as they organize their own band for their friends and community. The considerate text includes easy-to-follow lists and will hold the readers' interest, allowing for… More →


In the complex world of the 21st century, the ability to use innovation to solve problems or make products better is a critical skill for kids to possess. This book uses a sport kid's love,… More →

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