Animal Invaders

This series looks at animals that have spread beyond their native habitats and taken over new territory. Animal Invaders provides a global perspective on the topic by including invasive species that have been both imported to and exported from North America.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Africanized Honey Bee 5.4
American Mink 5.2
Asian Carp 6.0
Australian Spotted Jellyfish 5.5
Brown Treesnake 5.6
Bullfrog 5.2
Cane Toad 6.4
Emerald Ash Borer 5.4
Fire Ant 5.6
Giant African Snail 5.4
Gray Squirrel 6.2
Monitor Lizard 5.4
Python 5.6
Sea Lamprey 6.4
Small Indian Mongoose 5.1
Starling 4.9
Termite 5.9
Walking Catfish 5.3
Wild Boar 5.9
Zebra Mussel 5.1

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