My Itty-Bitty Bio

The My Itty-Bitty Bio series are biographies for the earliest readers. These books examine the lives of famous historical men and women in a simple, age-appropriate way that wil help children develop word recognition and reading skills. Includes a timeline and other informative backmatter.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Abraham Lincoln 1.4
Ada Lovelace 1.2
Albert Einstein 1.6
Alexander Ovechkin NEW
Alfred Nobel 1.5
Amelia Earhart 1.5
Ayah Bdeir 1.9
Benjamin Banneker 1.7
Benjamin Franklin 1.5
Bessie Coleman 1.5
Booker T. Washington 1.5
Charles Darwin 1.8
Charles Drew 1.8
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 1.7
Chloe Kim NEW
Coco Gauff NEW
Connor McDavid NEW
Coretta Scott King 1.6
Dalai Lama NEW
Davy Crockett 1.5

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