Women Innovators

The 21st Century Junior Library Women Innovators series examines the lives and important contributions of women to STEM fields, providing age-appropriate content, aligned to curriculum standards, and adds colorful sidebars encouraging students to LOOK, THINK, MAKE A GUESS, ASK QUESTIONS, or CREATE. This combination of reading and inquiry helps students develop the skills and content mastery needed to succeed in the 21st Century. Full color photos, a glossary, and a listing of additional resources all enhance the learning experience.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Ada Lovelace and Computer Algorithms 3.7
Alice H. Parker and the Furnace
Gertrude B. Elion and Pharmacology 3.8
Hedy Lamarr and Classified Communication
Jane C. Wright and Chemotherapy
Katharine Blodgett and Invisible Glass
Margaret Knight and the Paper Bag
Maria Beasley and Life Rafts 4.0
Marie Van Brittan Brown and Home Security
Marion Donovan and the Disposable Diaper
Mary Anderson and Windshield Wipers 3.9
Patricia Bath and Laser Surgery 4.0
Sarah Mather and Underwater Telescopes 4.4
Stephanie Kwolek and Bulletproof Material 3.8
Temple Grandin and Livestock Management
Yvonne Brill and Satellite Propulsion 4.2

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