Innovation in Transportation

The Innovation in Transportation series takes a look at people and creative ideas that have changed the way that we travel and transport products. The series answers questions like: Did you ever wonder who invented that cool new motorcycle? How your new computer got to your house?


The new Boeing Superliner looks much different than the plane the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk. Have you ever wondered how new planes are developed? This "Innovation in… More »

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Cargo Ships

We hear a lot about the new global economy. How does it work? How are we able to transport so many products around the world? How have innovations in the development of Cargo Ships fueled… More »

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Your new family car looks very different than the Model T developed by Henry Ford. Cars of today are much faster, safer, and more reliable than the Model T. Have you ever wondered how new… More »

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Who was the first person to ride a motorcycle? How did they come up with idea? Who makes the fastest motorcycle? This "Innovation in Transportation" book, Motorcycles, takes a look at the… More »

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Passenger Ships

Rock climbing walls, swimming pools, mini golf courses, ice skating rinks are now available on passenger ships. How do they do it? Who comes up with the next new thing? What role does… More »

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Space Travel

Who was the first man to walk on the moon? Who developed the space shuttle? Will man ever land on mars? Find the answers to these questions and more when you take a look at space travel… More »

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Where is the fastest train in the world? How is it possible for a train to go under the English Channel? What does the next generations of trains look like? Find the answers to these… More »

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Who can up with the idea behind the first truck? How big is the largest truck in the world? How much does it haul? The "Innovation in Transportation" book Trucks takes a look at the people… More »

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