Celebrating Diversity in My Classroom

Each book in the Celebrating Diversity in My Classroom series takes an age-appropriate look at the culture of a particular country/heritage. Countries covered include top immigrant groups in America to foster empathy in students and a multicultural community in the classroom. Books include coverage on geography, language, religion, food, and culture, as well as backmatter to aid further learning.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Afghan Heritage 4.3
Chinese Heritage 4.0
Cuban Heritage 3.8
Dominican Heritage 4.0
Filipino Heritage 4.0
Indian Heritage 3.9
Korean Heritage 3.7
Mexican Heritage 3.8
Nepali Heritage 4.2
Saudi Arabian Heritage 4.1
Somali Heritage 4.5
Syrian Heritage 4.2
Venezuelan Heritage 4.2
Vietnamese Heritage 3.7

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