Behind the Curtain

Historical events can look different depending on your perspective. In the Behind the Curtain series, readers will come to understand different viewpoints by stepping into the shoes of central characters as they act out dramatic retellings of history's biggest moments. Written with simplified, considerate text to help struggling readers, this series is made to build confidence as readers engage and read aloud. Books in this series include a table of contents, glossary, index, author biography, sidebars, and timelines.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
A Date Which Will Live in Infamy: Attack on Pearl Harbor
Boycotting the British: Boston Tea Party
Citizens Imprisoned: Japanese Internment Camps NEW
Crashed: Great Depression NEW
Detained and Interrogated: Angel Island Immigration NEW
Escape North: Underground Railroad
Famine and Dust: Dust Bowl
Fighting the Monarchy: Battle of Bunker Hill
Fire and Brimstone: Salem Witch Trials NEW
Heading West: Oregon Trail and Westward Expansion
Save the Children: Orphan Trains NEW
Struck Gold: California Gold Rush NEW
Union Triumph: Battle of Gettysburg
Walk to Freedom: Montgomery Bus Boycott NEW
When the Ground Shook: San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 NEW
Women and Children First: Sinking of the Titanic

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