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Global Products

The Global Products series introduces readers to important concepts needed to understand their place in the global economy of the 21st Century. The titles in the series both inform and challenge, encouraging the young reader to consider everything from where the components of a product are made, to the long-term impact of globalization on the world in which they will grow up in.

Cover: Airplanes


Did you know that a jet engine can be made of as many as 25,000 different parts and that those parts come from suppliers around the world? Read this book to find out more about airplanes, how… More »

Cover: Athletic Shoes

Athletic Shoes

Which athletic shoe is right for you? Readers will learn about the materials that go into athletic shoes and how athletic shoes are produced and sold to millions of people all around the world. More »

Cover: Bicycles


It may be hard to believe in a world full of automobiles, but bicycles are still a favorite means of transportation for many people around the world. This book introduces readers to the… More »

Cover: Cars


You may have traveled thousands of miles in your family's car. Did you know that some parts of that car might have traveled halfway around the world before the car ended up in your family's… More »

Cover: Cell Phones

Cell Phones

Alexander Graham Bell couldn't possibly have imagined that one day people the world over would be able to call someone on telephone smaller than the palms of their hands. Readers will… More »

Cover: Colas


Did you know that popular cola drinks are bottled, produced, and sold in countries all over the world? Readers will be introduced to the history of cola drinks and learn how American cola… More »

Cover: Computers


Find out how and where computers are manufactured and the journey they take before they end up in homes, schools and offices. More »

Cover: DVDs


Learn about the history of DVDs and how and where they are manufactured. More »

Cover: Gasoline


Did you know that gasoline is made from petroleum that is extracted from deep inside Earth? And that the government of Saudi Arabia owns the world's largest petroleum corporation? Read this… More »

Cover: GPS


This book takes a product students are interested in, GPS, and provides them with details on how the product is created in the global market place of the 21st century. More »

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Education for the 21st Century

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