Innovations from Nature

From airplanes to football helmets, some of the greatest inventions of all time have been based on the natural abilities of plants and animals. Readers will learn how some of history's most imaginative inventors were inspired by nature and how their incredible creations continue to improve our lives today.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
From African Plant to Vaccine Preservation
From Bats to... Radar 7.3
From Birds to... Aircraft 6.1
From Butterfly Wings to Display Technology
From Cats' Eyes to... Reflectors 7.3
From Gecko Feet to Adhesive Tape 6.2
From Kingfishers to... Bullet Trains 7.0
From Locusts to... Automobile Anti-Collision Systems 7.0
From Sharks to... Swimsuits 7.3
From Termite Den to Office Building
From Thistle Burrs to... Velcro 5.9
From Woodpeckers to... Helmets 6.9

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