Exploring Our Oceans

Young readers are fascinated by sharks, and the Exploring Our Oceans series gives readers a close-up view of these mysterious creatures of the deep. Each book satisfies readers with engaging facts about habitat, physical features, and what makes the shark unique. Full-color photos with engaging questions invite readers to discover their own findings about sharks.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Beluga Whales 5.4
Blue Sharks 5.1
Bottlenose Dolphins 5.2
Bull Sharks 5.1
Goblin Sharks 5.2
Great White Sharks 5.1
Hammerhead Sharks 4.9
Jellyfish 4.9
Lionfish 4.6
Mako Sharks 4.4
Moray Eel
Octopuses 5.3
Penguins 5.1
Rays 4.8
Sea Anemone
Sea Horses 5.0

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