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The My Itty-Bitty Bio series are biographies for the earliest readers. These books examine the lives of historical men and women in a simple, age-appropriate way that will help children develop word recognition and reading skills. The series celebrates diversity, covering women and men from a range of backgrounds and professions. Includes a timeline, primary sources, glossary, and index.


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School Library Journal - My Itty Bitty Bio

Grades K-1 These short biographies are a gift to kindergartners everywhere. The text is informative and the biographies are compact and interesting. STEM providers can use these books to spark interest in women in the science and mathematics fields. Parents who viewed the film Hidden Figures will be familiar with the groundbreaking work of the African American women portrayed here and will want to share the information with their children. All of the women discussed in this series are to be emulated and are real role models and heroes for young readers. The books all include a similar format and are all told in the first person, allowing readers to feel as if the heroine is talking directly to them. Real photographs appear throughout and there is so much to be learned from each woman’s personal story. This is an inspiring series, and this librarian hopes it will continue with more real-life success stories. Glossary. Index. Table of Contents. Timeline. Sandra Kitain, Educational Reviewer, Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Highly Recommended.


Illustrator: Jeff Bane


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