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U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

Cover: U.S. Women's National Soccer Team



Most of the time sports are seen as the height of competition, but often they also bring people together in times of cultural, social, and political upheaval. U.S. Women's National Soccer Team explores the way the celebrated team served to bring Americans--and American women--together across the years. Includes ties to 21st Century themes, as well as infographics, timelines, glossary, and index.



  • Lexile® Measure: 990
  • Guided Reading Level: V

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Table of Contents

  • The Game That Starteda Movement
  • Fighting for Their Rights
  • To Reach Out a Hand
  • A Melting Pot
  • The Legacy
  • Think About It
  • Learn More
  • Glossary
  • Index


Booklist - U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team

As the name of the Sports Unite Us series (8 titles) suggests, its books look at the positive impact sports have on players and the wider community. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team’s successes on the field, particularly its 1999 World Cup win, have also turned it into a force for social change. In four succinct chapters, the text gives background on the team and explains how these women have used their worldwide popularity to advocate for equal rights for women in sports, support gay players, and provide opportunities to lower-income players. Large photos, info boxes, and one-page asides enhance the main text, adding historical context and player profiles. This provides refreshing insight into the sportsmanship side of soccer and why these women are such effective, inspiring role models.


Author: J. E. Skinner


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