Little Blossom Stories

Set of 113 titles

The Little Blossom Stories series utilizes curriculum-based fiction to ease children into reading. Each book uses decodable text, a repetition of sight words and vowel sounds, to raise recognition and confidence. Original illustrations help guide readers through the text. Cecilia Minden, Ph.D., a literacy consultant and former director of the Language and Literacy program at Harvard Graduate School of Education created the text and format. Books include author biography, phonetics, and teaching guides.

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Little Blossom Stories (113 titles) New!
Gramps Has a Cow New
Gramps Has a Dog New
Gramps Has a Farm New
Gramps Has a Hen New
Gramps Has a Horse New
Pam's Pet Shop New
A Fish in a Bag New
A Bird in a Box New
A Dog in a Bed New
A Cat in a Crate New
Ella Plans a Garden New
Ella Digs a Garden New
Ella Plants a Garden New
Ella in Her Garden New
Ella Shops for Her Garden New
Tristan Makes a Gift New
Tristan Makes a Snowman New
Tristan Makes a Track New
Tristan Makes a Trap New
Tristan Makes Lunch New
Sam and Jen Get a Pet
Mud on the Van
Peg and Meg
Tim and His Bat
The Bulls Football Team
Beth's Basketball Game
Buzz Plays Soccer
Jump in the Pool
The Case of the Lost Cat 0.9
The Case of the Lost Frog 1.0
The Case of the Lost Hen 0.9
The Case of the Lost Pig 1.0
The Case of the Lost Pup 0.9
The Case of the Flat Hat 0.9
The Case of the Wet Pet 0.8
The Case of the Big Fish 0.7
The Case of the Mixed Socks 0.8
The Case of the Stuck Truck 0.8
Piper and Emma 1.0
Piper at the Vet 1.2
Piper in the Park 1.2
Piper has a Birthday 1.1
Piper on a Plane 1.3
A Gift for Gram
Pepper and Gram
Pepper is Lost
Pepper's Ball of Yarn
Pepper's New Toy
Where is the Blue Ball?
Where is the Red Ribbon?
Where is the Cupcake?
Where is the Pen?
Where is the Book?
Pepper Gets a Bath
Pepper at the Vet
Pepper's New Bed
Pepper Takes a Ride
Pepper in the Window
Max and Ann
Ann Hits the Ball
Max Kicks the Ball
Max and Ann Run a Race
Max and Ann Win the Game
Turtle and Frog
Turtle and Frog Race
Turtle and Frog at the Pond
Turtle and Frog Find a Ball
Where is Turtle?
Who Has My Brush?
Who Has My Snack?
Who Has My Truck?
Who Has My Watch?
Who Has My Blanket?
Bob and Tom Get a Dog New
Bob and Tom Spot a Fox New
Bob and Tom with Mom New
The Bus Runs Up the Hill New
The Bus Hits a Bump New
The Bus Gets Stuck New
Bert at the Farm New
Bert and the Birds New
Bert and the Storm New
Bert Gets Hurt New
Kate Bakes a Cake New
Kate Skates at the Lake New
Mike Rides a Bike New
Mike Likes to Hike New
Hope Digs a Hole New
Hope Jumps Rope New
Luke Rides a Mule New
Luke Plays a Tune New
Pete and His Kite New
Pete Runs a Race New
Jayden Saves the Day New!
Hailey Shops for Clay New!
Claire Braids May's Tail New!
Aiden Paints a Chair New!
Lee Joins the Team New!
Dean Rakes Leaves New!
Leah at the Beach New!
Reese at the Stream New!
Kyle Climbs the Wall New!
Lyla and the Nightlight New!
Tyler Flies High New!
Skylar Makes a Pie New!
Joe at the Show New!
Colton Strolls on the Knoll New!
Zoey Goes on a Coach Ride New!
Noah in a Boat New!
Sue Finds the Clues New!
Samuel on a Cruise New!
Blue and the Glue New!
Chewy and Luke New!
Interest Level Preschool - Grade 2
Reading Level Preschool
Dewey 428.1/3-E
Lexile 20L-500L
ATOS Reading Level 0.7-1.3
Guided Reading Level A-B
Language English
Publisher Cherry Blossom Press
Available Formats Paperback (9781534198432), PDF (9781668901014), ePub (9781668902455), Hosted ebook (9781668905333), Kindle (9781668903896)
Copyright 2022
Number of Pages 16
Dimensions 6 x 6.75
Graphics Full-color illustrations
Author/Illustrator biography
Teaching guides
Full-color illustrations