My Early Library

Set of 251 titles

The My Early Library books are developed with the earliest reader in mind. Subject matter is handled in an uncomplicated and age-appropriate way that encourages readers to ask deeper questions on each topic. Simple structure helps children develop word recognition and reading skills. Books include table of contents, glossary of key words, index, author biography, timeline, and additional backmatter.

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My Early Library (251 titles) New!
Benjamin Franklin 1.5
Booker T. Washington 1.5
Florence Griffith Joyner 1.6
Helen Keller 1.5
Jackie Robinson 1.6
Jane Goodall 1.5
Marian Anderson 1.6
Walt Disney 1.6
Building a Volcano
Building a Lava Lamp
Creating Rain
Playing Musical Bottles
Making a Telephone
Shining a Penny
Playing With Solar Heat
Floating a Paper Clip
Davy Crockett 1.5
George Washington 1.5
Maya Angelou 1.4
Mother Teresa 1.5
John Muir 1.3
Frida Kahlo 1.3
Harriet Tubman 1.3
Lyndon B. Johnson 1.4
Playing with Gravity
Making a Rainbow
Making Colors Move
Coloring Celery
Inflating a Balloon
Melting Ice
Separating Colors in Ink
Making Invisible Ink
Police Officer
Bus Driver
Moose 1.5
Bison 1.7
Alligator 1.6
Bighorn Sheep 1.7
Black Bear 1.6
Red Fox 1.4
Raccoon 1.5
Mountain Lion 1.5
Sally Ride 1.2
Katherine Johnson 1.2
Dorothy Vaughan 1.4
Mary Jackson 1.1
Shirley Ann Jackson 1.4
Rosalyn Sussman Yalow 1.1
Marie Curie 1.2
Ada Lovelace 1.2
Mail Carrier
Waste and Recycling Collector
Pushing and Pulling 1.3
Solar System 2.0
Weather 1.6
Plant Cycle 1.4
States of Matter 1.6
Earth's Structure 1.7
Color and Wavelengths 1.4
Sunlight 1.6
Benjamin Banneker 1.7
George Washington Carver 1.8
Charles Drew 1.8
Lewis Howard Latimer 1.8
Tiera Fletcher 1.6
Tu Youyou 1.6
Lise Meitner 1.7
Mary Anning 1.5
Alfred Nobel 1.5
Albert Einstein 1.6
Charles Darwin 1.8
Thomas Edison 1.7
Irma Rangel 1.8
Robert Fulton 1.6
Scientific Instruments 2.0
Simple Machines 1.7
Earth's Path 1.6
Sound Waves 1.6
Managing Money
Spending and Saving
Jobs and Money
Borrowing and Returning
Money and Value
Money in the Community
Abraham Lincoln SP 1.6
Benjamin Franklin SP 2.3
Davy Crockett SP 1.8
George Washington SP 1.9
Harriet Tubman SP 1.9
Martin Luther King, Jr. SP 1.9
Rosa Parks SP 1.7
Sacagawea SP 1.7
Walt Disney SP 2.5
Eleanor Roosevelt SP 1.7
Bessie Coleman 1.5
Susan B. Anthony 1.7
Coretta Scott King 1.6
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1.6
Maya Lin 1.9
Malala Yousafzai 1.7
Ida B. Wells 1.8
Nellie Bly 1.6
Brush Your Teeth! 1.9
Wash Your Hands! 1.8
Use a Tissue! 1.9
Floss Your Teeth! 1.8
Eat Healthy Foods! 1.9
Get Your Exercise! 1.9
Sleep Well! 1.8
Look Out for Germs! 1.8
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 1.7
Ayah Bdeir 1.9
Reshma Saujani 1.7
Madeleine Albright 1.8
Gwen Frostic 1.8
Stevie Wonder 1.8
Stephen Hawking 1.6
Tammy Duckworth 1.7
James Bowie 1.6
George H. W. Bush 1.8
Being Present
Selena Quintanilla-PĂ©rez 1.7
Michelle Obama 1.8
Misty Copeland 1.7
Oprah Winfrey 1.8
Simone Biles 1.7
J.J. Watt 1.6
Serena Williams 1.4
Stephen Curry 1.7
Earth 1.9
Mars 1.7
Neptune 1.5
Saturn 1.7
Venus 1.6
Mercury 1.5
Uranus 1.7
Jupiter 1.7
Naomi Osaka 1.7
Coco Gauff 1.6
Megan Rapinoe 1.7
Chloe Kim 1.9
P. K. Subban 1.8
Wayne Gretzky 1.8
Connor McDavid 1.7
Alexander Ovechkin 1.9
I'm a Tyrannosaurus Rex 1.7
I'm a Velociraptor 1.5
I'm a Triceratops 1.5
I'm a Pterodactyl 1.4
I'm a Brachiosaurus 1.5
I'm a Stegosaurus 1.7
I'm a Spinosaurus 1.5
I'm a Mosasaurus 1.6
Fred Rogers 1.6
Mahatma Gandhi 1.8
Nelson Mandela 1.7
Dalai Lama 1.6
Lady Bird Johnson 1.7
Princess Diana 1.5
Jackie Kennedy 1.8
Laura Bush 1.7
Maple Tree
Monarch Butterfly
Sea Turtle
John Lewis 1.8
June Almeida 1.5
Mae Jemison 1.8
Michael Jordan 1.9
Kobe Bryant 1.8
Greta Thunberg 1.9
Magic Johnson 1.8
Barack Obama 1.7
Kamala Harris 1.9
Amanda Gorman 1.8
Deb Haaland New 1.8
Maria Tallchief New 1.9
Jerry C. Elliott High Eagle New 1.9
Wilma Mankiller New 1.9
Grace Lee Boggs New 1.8
Larry Itliong New 1.8
Patsy Mink New 1.9
Fred Korematsu New 1.7
Asteroid New
Comet New
Meteor New
Star New
Sun New
Moon New
Black Hole New
Nebula New
Sunisa Lee New!
Kalpana Chawla New!
Junko Tabei New!
Queen Lili'uokalani New!
Little Sister Lozen New!
Sitting Bull New!
Geronimo New!
Crazy Horse New!
Forest New!
Arctic New!
Cave New!
Rain Forest New!
Prairie New!
Desert New!
Ocean New!
River New!
Practicing Self-Awareness New!
Growing Social Awareness New!
Showing Patience New!
Communicating with Others New!
Learning Expectations New!
Persisting When Things Are Difficult New!
Bruce Lee New!
Kristi Yamaguchi New!
Ruby Bridges New!
Mary Fields New!
Sequoyah New!
Tecumseh New!
Jawed Karim New!
Zaha Hadid New!
Queen Elizabeth II New!
Interest Level Kindergarten - Grade 1
Reading Level Grade 1
Dewey 020.92-996.9/027092
Lexile 30L-930L
ATOS Reading Level 1.1-2.5
Guided Reading Level H-U
Language English
Publisher Cherry Lake Publishing
Available Formats Reinforced book (9781668918692), Paperback (9781668919996), PDF (9781668922378), ePub (9781668921043), Hosted ebook (9781668925034), Kindle (9781668923702)
Copyright 2023
Number of Pages 24
Dimensions 8.25 x 8.25
Graphics Full-color photographs, Full-color illustrations, Historical photographs
Author/Illustrator biography
Glossary of key words
Table of contents
Timeline of key events
Full-color photographs, Full-color illustrations, Historical photographs