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Language Arts

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My Life Cycle

Explore the life cycles of creatures large and small, from the simple mayfly to Africa's proud lion. Told from the creature's perspective, early readers get a first-hand experience of their… More →


My Many Emotions

Get to know the emotions you might encounter each day of your life in the My Many Emotions series. Personified into colorful characters, emotions become easily recognizable to kids. This… More →

My Mindful Day

Early readers are introduced to a foundation of daily mindfulness practices in the My Mindful Day series. Books encourage social emotional learning, empathy, compassion, and personal peace… More →

Mythology and Culture

The Mythology and Culture series highlights important ways that stories from our past are reshaped and retold today. Clear text, vivid photos, and engaging sidebars help readers understand… More →

Nailed It!

High interest, edgy sports fill each book's pages in this series--Nailed It! Carefully written, considerate text will hold the readers' interest and allow for successful mastery and… More →

Odd Jobs

From the interesting and intriguing to the weird and wonderful this Odd Jobs series is HIGH interest combined with a LOW level of complexity to help struggling readers along. The carefully… More →

On the Trail: Study of Secretive Animals

This high-interest narrative nonfiction series introduces young readers to extremely secretive and rare wildlife and the amazing group of scientists who study them. The series is packed with… More →

Operation Code

The Operation Code series presents early learners with a story-based challenge they can solve using Scratch 3. Simple text and instructional images guide students to deepen their… More →

Parallel Lives

The Parallel Lives series explores the lives and legacies of two important figures born in the same year--the different struggles they faced and the way they responded to and shaped the world More →

Perspectives Library

A notable event, be it historical or modern, does not look the same to everyone. It often depends on one's perspective. In the Perspectives Library series, readers will come to understand… More →

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