Art and Nature--Grab and Go Educational Bundle activities

Updated on 27 January 2024

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Grade 4 - Grade 5


The environment and conservation prove to be hot topics around the world today. Nature’s Friend: The Gwen Frostic Story relates the true story of an artist who loved nature and urged all of us to care for the environment. Temple Grandin and Livestock Management shares another story of a woman who overcame challenges to lead a successful life. In keeping with the art & nature theme, Find Your Future in Art provides the opportunity to research and explore different career paths an artist may take and the how-to book Printmaking offers hands-on experiences with printmaking using materials found around the house. Wildlife Conservation examines issues that interested Gwen Frostic her whole life. The activities in this bundle focus on responding to questions about reading using a concept map, comparing and contrasting the lives of two people, exploring different career paths in art, creating a print, and researching and writing about animal conservation. Opportunities are provided for students to reflect on their learning, and share what they have learned. Great for media specialists and teachers looking for standards-based activities to aid in the support of remote learning or for parents wanting to help or enhance their child’s education with content-rich books and activities!

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