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Cover: The Sole Man: Jan Matzeliger's Lasting Invention

Booklist - Sole Man: Jan Matzeliger’s Lasting Invention

…this cheery historical episode pays tribute to an African American tinkerer who revolutionized the shoe-manufacturing industry. View →

Cover: Wild at Heart: The Story of Olaus and Mardy Murie, Defenders of Nature

Booklist - Wild at Heart

Both gripping and inspiring. View →

Cover: T is for Trails: A Hiking Alphabet

Midwest Book Reviews - T is for Trails: A Hiking Alphabet

This narrative nonfiction book does not disappoint and packs SO much information from letters A-Z all the while taking a reader on an adventure through 20 plus different hiking trails all across the American and Canadian landscape. Make sure you bring THIS book… View →

Cover: Ice Cream Everywhere: Sweet Stories from Around the World

Midwest Book Reviews - Ice Cream Everywhere

…a delightful blend of history, flavors, and insights that works on different levels to bring young readers a fine, expansive survey. View →

Cover: Leafy Landmarks: Travels with Trees

Midwest Book Reviews - Leafy Landmarks: Travels with Trees

The history and tree insights combine culture, nature, and bigger-picture thinking into a presentation that moves far beyond most nature-oriented discussions of trees to consider their influence upon and meaning in human affairs. View →

Cover: Just Flowers

Midwest Book Reviews - Just Flowers

Colorful illustrations complement the text beautifully and are bound to inspire thoughtfulness (and perhaps a green thumb) in readers of all ages. View →

Cover: The Girl Who Loved Poutine

Midwest Book Reviews - The Girl Who Loved Poutine

…explores a Canadian dish many Americans (including adults) might not be familiar with…Rachel Qiuqi’s illustrations add fun embellishments to the experience. View →

Cover: Sam and Lucy

Midwest Book Reviews - Sam and Lucy

Read-aloud parents will find Sam and Lucy the perfect choice for introducing topics of aging and change. View →

Cover: Just One Girl: A Fight for Equal Rights

Booklist - Just One Girl: A Fight for Equal Rights

A worthwhile addition to the Tales of Young Americans series, Noble’s picture book offers a simply written, honest portrayal of the harmful effects of prejudice and the healing powers of knowledge and support from others. View →

Cover: A Kurta to Remember

Donovan's Literary Services - A Kurta to Remember

Insights on staying connected to extended family and friends and ways of making sure lives remain engaged and meaningful accompany all sorts of insights on India’s culture, with references to Marathi words expanding a child’s insights on Indian traditions and heritage. View →