Vicky Franchino

Vicky Franchino has always liked to learn about people who have made a difference in the world. Before writing this book she knew very little about Roberto Clemente, but she now understands why people still remember and honor him more than 30 years after his death. She hopes Clemente’s story will help to inspire others to use their talents and time to make the world a better place. Vicky is the author of a number of other nonfiction books for children, and lives with her husband and their three daughters in Wisconsin.


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Amazon Rain Forest 3.6
Antartic Tundra 3.7
Canadian Taiga 3.8
Florida Wetlands 3.5
Great Barrier Reef 3.7
Sahara Desert 3.4
South American Cloud Forest 3.4
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Turkey 5.6
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Germany 5.7
It's Cool to Learn About the United States: Northeast 6.4
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Brazil 4.9
It's Cool to Learn About Countries: Philippines 5.1
Junior Scientists: Experiment with Soil
How Did They Build That? Bridge 3.2
How Did They Build That? Skyscraper 3.2
How Did They Build That? Tunnel 3.2
Motorcycles 6.3
Genetically Modified Foods 6.6
Roberto Clemente 6.6
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